Ok, so I’ve been tagged over the course of the semester with a few memes, and though I know there were a few of them, I’m only finding this one at the moment.

Steph tagged me and so did Bob with the 5:56 meme back in early December. I apologize for the delay, but finals were coming, and quite honestly I’ve been enjoying the break by being mostly lazy about writing. A little rest for the wicked, as it were. Ok, so the deal is I pick ten books, at least five fiction, and give the fifth sentence on page 56. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to guess the books.

– You can pick and choose the books to find the most interesting sentences.
– At least five of the books should be fiction.
– Try not to use books that are so obscure no one could guess what they are.
– You can give hints, if you so desire.
– Tag some other bloggers to pass the meme along.

(I imagine that due to my tardiness there aren’t any bloggers left to tag, so just be tagged if you want to be.)

The meme resides below the fold.

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