The Evolution of the Intelligent Design Creationism Hoax

Jim Lippard pointed out this new video from the National Center for Science Education.

It’s concise and well done, concentrating on the transitional fossil found that chains the “Intelligent Design” movement solidly to its evolutionary ancestor, Creationism. “Intelligent Design” was itself an intermediate form, as The Hoax then mutated into “Teach the Controversy” and most recently into “Academic Freedom”.

These of course are just cheap disguises designed to fool federal courts into believing that there is a non-religious motivation behind attacks on Science education in America. Besides being scientifically without merit, they are both unconstitutional and dishonest. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from the crowd that pushes them.

Fortunately, federal judges, even “good old boy[s] brought up through the conservative ranks” and “appointed by GW hisself”” have thus far seen right through the veil of sciency sounding words.

Enjoy the video.

And for a bonus video, here’s one on the subject to which I am especially partial, with special guest star Dover Area School District Board-member, William “I never said Creationism” Buckingham:

AtBC – Shimmy

Guest starring…

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AtBC - Shimmy

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