Long, Long Ago In a City Far, Far Away

Ben Watches Over the Front DoorsWhat does Ben Franklin have in common with George Lucas?

A museum in Philadelphia.

We went to visit Diana and Wonderman (and little WonderDude) in Philly this past weekend, and while there, visited The Franklin Institute. The Franklin Institute is the coolest Science museum in the universe, and it’s always a treat to go. One of the most famous permanent exhibits is a huge model of a human heart that you can walk through, following the path of the blood. There are a gazillion other cool things to see and do, lots of stuff for kids of all ages to touch and play with, an IMAX theater, a skybike, the list goes on.

But this trip was a little extra special for a bit of a return to my childhood. For a short time, the Franklin Institute is being visited by the traveling Star Wars exhibit. I took some pictures, but my little digital camera takes pretty crappy pictures indoors. I’ve done the best I can to enhance them for you. I’m a good host like that.

Head below the fold to check out the best of my pictures of some of the props from the Star Wars movies, and click them for really big versions.

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Carnival of Space #8

The eighth edition of Carnival of Space is up at Universe Today.

Great space related science posts from around the blogosphere collected for your reading pleasure.

In this edition, there are posts all sorts of space stuff, from puddles on Mars (or not), to moon madness, to nanobots in the Gobi desert.

Check it out!

2007 NC Science Blogging Conference

2007 NC Science Blogging Conference
The 2007 North Carolina Science Blogging Conference is here!

Look at the folks showing up for dinner tonight!

We were too slow to sign up, and missed the 150 person limit.

Coturnix has set up a links and live blogging page for the conference, so don’t forget to keep an eye on that! See what all your favorite bloggers in attendance are talking about, and hopefully find some great new science blogs to add to your list of favorites.

Reed Cartwright is escorting Professor Steve Steve to the conference, so now Janie’s really bummed we’re missing it.

We’ll be keeping our eye out for insteresting tidbits to pass along to you, though.

STS Launch Holding

At T-5:00 for a weather evaluation….

Guess we’ll see about those crosswinds within the next few minutes.