Report Card

Got my report card today.

Wanna see it?

It’s below the fold.

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He terminado con el semestre.

El Pais, by stttijn @ Flickr

El Pais, by stttijn @ Flickr

Hago mi examen final en español hoy. Mi profesora envia nuestros resultados ya.

Tengo cien en el examen final y en la clase español. Estoy muy contento con este resultado.


De donde es el arte:

Esta foto se llama El Pais, de stttijn. (Gracias Javier)

Crunch Time

It’s finals week. Just so y’know.

Biology final tomorrow morning.

Final test in Biology lab tomorrow afternoon.

PreCalc final tomorrow night.

Final paper in English due Wednesday morning.

Spanish final Thursday morning.

P.S. The new WP dashboard sucks worse than the last one did when they first released that one. Just about the time it became usable and almost likable, they of course destroyed it for this horrid piece of crap.


Aprendemos los Verbos Regulars y las Conjugacións

Hoy en la clase español, aprendemos los verbos regulars y las conjuagcións.

Los Verbos Regulars
ayudar to help
bailar to dance
besar to kiss
buscar to look for
caminar to walk
comprar to buy
conversar to converse
enseñar to teach
escuchar to listen
estudiar to study
hablar to speak
llegar to arrive
mirar to look at
nadar to swim
necesitar to need
preparar to prepare
regresar to return
tomar to take; to drink
trabajar to work
viajar to travel
aprender to learn
beber to drink
comer to eat
creer to believe
leer to read
vender to sell
comprender to understand
abrir to open
asistir to attend
decidir to decide
escribir to write
recibir to receive
vivir to live
Las Conjugacións
yo -o
él/ella/usted -a
nosotros -amos
ellos/ellas/ustedes -an
yo -o
él/ella/usted -e
nosotros -emos
ellos/ellas/ustedes -en
yo -o
él/ella/usted -e
nosotros -imos
ellos/ellas/ustedes -en

¿Cómo está usted?

Y tu, ¿por que le aguantas? by Ferran @ Flickr

Y tu, ¿por que le aguantas? by Ferran @ Flickr

Hoy tenemos un examen en la clase española.

I think I did pretty well, and it seemed fairly easy. Mi problema grande was that half way through el examen, my mechanical lápiz came down to the very last of the lead in it. I had another in my mochila, but I didn’t want to look like I might be cheating, so I eeked it out to the end, writing very very very softly. I stretched it to the limit, and the lead finally gave out right as I wrote the final letter of the final word on el examen.

It was kind of like Chanukah. 🙂

After the exam, I was headed for the car thinking about el examen still, when I couldn’t remember if I’d written ¿Cómo se llamo? o ¿Cómo te llamas? (the former being incorrect, but a stubborn habit I seem to be unable to kick).

There was an extra credit problema, though, and it seemed easy enough, so if I messed up on the one pregunta, I should make up for it with the extra credit.

I’m behind on posting my Bio 111 notes, I know, but I’m working on precalc (preguntas mañana noches), and I have another English essay to write before next miércoles.

From whence came the art:

That image is titled Y tu, ¿por que le aguantas? by Ferran, and is licensed by the artist under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 license.

Progress Report

studious by preciouskhyatt

studious, by preciouskhyatt @ Flickr

Just an overall update on how I’m doing thus far.

I got my first two labs and a quiz back in Precalc Wednesday night. All  100s.

I got my Spanish quiz from Tuesday back on Thursday morning. The instructor didn’t hang us for spelling (being our very first quiz and all), and I only missed a few points. I got the extra credit question, which made up for it, and wound up with a 100.

This morning, I got my Biology quiz back, and Doc didn’t crucify us for not labeling the screwy molecules (apparently I’m not the only one who didn’t RTFB). So, after all was said and done, I managed 11 out of 12 possible points.

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Spanish Characters

Just need to keep these handy, so I don’t have to keep looking them up on the web. Feel free to ignore.

Alt Codes for typing Spanish characters:

Á ALT+0193
É ALT+0201
Í ALT+0205
Ó ALT+0211
Ú ALT+0218
Ñ ALT+0209
Ü ALT+0220

á ALT+0225
é ALT+0233
í ALT+0237
ó ALT+0243
ú ALT+0250
ñ ALT+0241
ü ALT+0252

¿ ALT+0191
¡ ALT+0161
« ALT+0171 (Left Angle Quote)
» ALT+0187 (Right Angle Quote)