Report Card

Got my report card today.

Wanna see it?

It’s below the fold.

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Crunch Time

It’s finals week. Just so y’know.

Biology final tomorrow morning.

Final test in Biology lab tomorrow afternoon.

PreCalc final tomorrow night.

Final paper in English due Wednesday morning.

Spanish final Thursday morning.

P.S. The new WP dashboard sucks worse than the last one did when they first released that one. Just about the time it became usable and almost likable, they of course destroyed it for this horrid piece of crap.


PreCalc, For A Classmate

Our Textbook

Our Textbook

One of my classmates needs some notes she missed.

You can just click the images, which will take you to a larger version of them that is easier to read, OK? If those are still too small, you can click “all sizes” (just above the images there), and it will give you a great big honking sized image.

There are 8 pages.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email me.

Do well on the quiz tonight!


(The scans of my notes are below the fold)

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Progress Report

studious by preciouskhyatt

studious, by preciouskhyatt @ Flickr

Just an overall update on how I’m doing thus far.

I got my first two labs and a quiz back in Precalc Wednesday night. All  100s.

I got my Spanish quiz from Tuesday back on Thursday morning. The instructor didn’t hang us for spelling (being our very first quiz and all), and I only missed a few points. I got the extra credit question, which made up for it, and wound up with a 100.

This morning, I got my Biology quiz back, and Doc didn’t crucify us for not labeling the screwy molecules (apparently I’m not the only one who didn’t RTFB). So, after all was said and done, I managed 11 out of 12 possible points.

(Continued below the fold.)

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So, Almost Done Week One

Narnia Entry in Spring by Fort Photo @ Flickr

Narnia Entry in Spring by Fort Photo @ Flickr

College has been tough on my broken body this first week.  If you’ve been following my twitter page, you know that I’ve got a bunch of homework from my Pre-calc algebra class (my night class).  Little bit of Spanish, little bit of English, no Biology homework yet.

I’m enjoying my classes, all of them, but most especially my Biology class.  The prof is great, and the subject of course is the reason I’m there, so it’s inherently interesting to me.  He’s spending a great deal of time and effort on the Scientific Method, which rocks.  You simply can’t do Science without it.

By request of Steve Story, Moderator Emeritus at AtBC, I’m sort of pseudoblogging my Bio class at After the Bar Closes.  Please feel free to read and/or contribute there.  It’s a great place, full of Scientists, Science educators, and people just interested in Science.  Mostly, its raison d’etre is for mocking creationism and the dishonest purveyors of the Intelligent Design Creationism Hoax, so although you’ll find some heavy duty science there in places, you’ll also find a lot of mockery that might be described as “puerile”.  It’s sort of to be expected, given the target.

For English class, I have a great guy for a teacher.  Very gregarious, very boisterous, and not afraid to be fun and/or cheesy.  I like that in a teacher, as well.

I have a very young lady for PreCalc Algebra.  She nice, and she’s friendly, but seems just a little nervous or timid or something, like she could really use a drink before class.  Is is appropriate for a student to suggest such a thing?  If so, how would one go about that without implying that she have a drink with me?  My wife would probably be a little sour on such an idea, so I definitely don’t want to give that impression.  I kinda like sleeping indoors, I’ve grown accustomed to it, and would rather not find myself on the porch.

My Spanish class is a bit livelier – sometimes.  The teacher does a lot to get everyone involved and keep it light, but in a class made up of kids, well, sometimes they’re just introverted.  It’s been interesting to see the collective mood swing back and forth within each class period.

Anyway, I’ll try  to blog a little more often about my classes, but right now I have a ton of homework and my first quiz (precalc) is Monday.

From whence came the art:

That image is titled Narnia Entry in Spring by Fort Photo, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license.

Text Book List

The School of Athens by RaphaelI’ve begun my search for textbooks, though it’ll be a bit before I’m ready to buy them.  I’ve included the Amazon price and a link so that if you happen to see them in your travels on the cheap, or if you have a used copy (of the ones I can use used) that you’d be willing to part with for not too much money, you can let me know in the comments.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Biology 111 – Biology I – Biology 8th ed. by Campbell – $163 New, none used, 137.75 New @ Amazon, $118 Used @ Amazon

English 111 – Expository Writing – I think this is the text: Successful College Writing 3e Brief & i-cite (Paperback), by McWhorter – $70 New, $52.50 Used, $63.75 New @ Amazon

Math 171 – Precalculus Algebra- Precalculus: Enhanced with Graphing Utilities (5th Edition), Sullivan – $147 New, $109 Used, $119.46 New @ Amazon, $95.75 Used @ Amazon

Spanish 111 – Elementary Spanish I – Arriba: Comunicacion y cultura Student Edition (5th Edition), Diccionario español/inglés – inglés/español: The Oxford New Spanish (Paperback), and a CD, as a package, $156 New, no used allowed, $102.66 + $5.99 separately @ Amazon

From whence came the art:

That image is of The School of Athens by Raphael, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Public domain The work of art depicted in this image and the reproduction thereof are in the public domain worldwide. The reproduction is part of a collection of reproductions compiled by The Yorck Project. The compilation copyright is held by Zenodot Verlagsgesellschaft mbH and licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Exam Scores

Exam Header

Exam Header

So I guess there are one or two people who might be interested in knowing how well (or not) I did on the college entrance placement exams.

Though I had other plans lined up for today, I took the time to go down to Coastal and meet with a counselor, since that’s the only way I could get the scores.

I showed up after having picked up the boys from weight training, and having dropped off Kay at Jane’s work so she could use her car.  The waiting room was packed, and the lady told me it would be about a two hour wait.

Well, I had time, so I put my name in and took a seat.  Right off the bat, sitting on the couch, it occurs to me that I am the sole man in the room.  Yeah, it’s so gonna suck being a college student.  (Just kidding, honey!)

I read through an old copy of Our State magazine, watched people come and go, saw the others ahead of me go back, saw people come in behind me, flipped through the course catalogue, and eventually, just about two hours after I walked in, one of the councelors came out and called my name.

We walked back to her office while she flipped through my little folder.  “Did you take the placement exam?”

“Yeah, a couple days ago.  Tuesday.”

“Huh.  It should be in here then.”  She showed me a seat in her office, sat down, and looked on her computer for my scores while telling me not to worry, they’d be in there.  They weren’t.  She left to go find them.

She came back a while later, and was looking at the paper in a strange sort of way…  I was suddenly very nervous.

“uh… Louis?”

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