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Sometimes there are things I want to address, but outside the context of UDoJ. I’ve been thinking about setting up a separate blog for that.

Here it is.

I suppose instead of just writing this damned post out, I’ll let it evolve. (I’m a highly skilled procrastinator.)

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About FCD

FCD stands for “Friend of Charles Darwin”, an appellation you too can aquire, just by going here and following the directions.

About me

First of all, I was going to say that I’m the author of U Dream Of Janie and Kissing Corporal Kate. But the truth is the girls have taken on such a life of their own that I’m really just the secretary that takes dictation.

I’m 41, and just taking another go at college. My previous attempt was in the mid-nineties, which failed utterly in my third semester when I had to take a job managing a college bar. It’s not a job conducive to 8 AM classes. I intend to become a Biology teacher at the high school level.

I’m disabled. I wrecked my neck in a fall at work back a few years ago, and I’ve been a fairly useless lump since then.

Teaching might be the one job that saves me from staring at the four walls for the rest of my life, as I should be able to alternate standing, walking, and sitting, enough to get through the day. It will be immensely satisfying to feel useful and productive again. My accident left me with degenerative arthritis, however, and the prognosis is that I will eventually be confined to a wheelchair. I do what I can to stave that off, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I don’t know if that will really help, but it beats doing nothing.

I’ve got a lovely second wife (who also happens to be my first wife). She’s the lucky lady who gets to listen to me snore, gets kicked out of bed because I can’t sleep well and I toss and turn, and puts up with all my whining about my neck, back, arms, and legs that never simultaneously work the way they’re supposed to.

We were married the first time back in the late ’80s, and we were way too young to be married. We wound up divorced in the mid ’90s, though we remained best friends. Fortunately for me, sometime around the turn of the millennium she realized the error of her ways, and knew she just couldn’t live without me. So we reunited, and after much begging from her, I agreed to marry her again. (Alright, this is MY page and I can remember things any way I want, reality be damned.) We retied the knot in July of 2005, and honeymooned in London, UK. We returned the following year with the kids.

We have two great kids from the first time we were married. Their idea of a good time is trying to see who can make me insane the fastest, and they’re rather accomplished in that regard.

My daughter is a high school senior, and is a dual enrollment student here at Coastal. My son just entered high school.

We have a fairly recent addition to our little family. Shakespeare is his name. Born in mid-July 2006, he’s a 75 pound Golden Retriever, and he’s a handful to keep up with. It’s like having a toddler in the house again. He’s a pain in my butt sometimes, so it’s a good thing I like him.

I’m an outspoken atheist, I have no use for abstinence only sex “education”, I’m vehemently in favor of equal marriage rights for the GLBT community, I moderate an anti-anti-science forum (After the Bar Closes, the forum associated with The Panda’s Thumb) and the first time a creationist tries to mess with my kids’ science education they’re going to hear me all the way in Siberia.

I’m a sex-positive activist, and can be accurately described as a feminist. I’m newly a Contributing Editor at Sex in the Public Square, a sex and gender activism related website run by Dr. Elizabeth Wood, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Nassau Community College in New York.

I tend to speak frankly, and I don’t abide theocrats or homophobes quietly. I use offensive language when it’s useful, and I have been known to write erotic stories under an openly secret pseudonym (two, actually).

I was born and raised in Philly, though I’ve spent most of my adult life below the Mason Dixon. I moved here in 2004 for the weather, and to be close to my Aunt Helen, a former Marine who died in August of 2007.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is probably exponentially more than you ever wanted to know about me.

About this blog

Like this post, I suppose I’ll just let the blog evolve. I’m kinda shootin’ for a more mellow tone here than at UDoJ or KCK, but we’ll see what happens.

Bah, it is what it is.


26 Responses to “About”

  1. Blair Says:

    Hi there,
    I’m writing an article about people who blog drunk. I saw your posting on a website and was wondering if you had 5-10 min. to talk to me over the phone for an interview. It will be posted on ABCNews.com.


  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Which website, and what made you think I was drunk?

    I hope you’ll excuse me if I’m a little hesitant to accept your purported ID at face value. This is Teh InterWebs, after all…

  3. Lou FCD Says:

    Ahhh…. yes, I see…

    I’ll email you at the address you commented with, and we’ll talk.


  4. Diana Says:

    Are you trying to look more distinguished or what!! You crack me up!

  5. Lou FCD Says:

    Not so much “more distinguished” (although that would be a lovely effect, too) as “more accessible” and perhaps “more academic”.


  6. Diana Says:

    More accessible??? More accessible to what, ridicule?


  7. Lou FCD Says:

    lol. You’re always right there for me, aren’t you?


  8. Diana Says:

    Just consider me you biggest supporter!

    I did start off with distinguished, you’re the one mentioning accessibility.

  9. Lou FCD Says:

    How about “studenty”?

  10. Diana Says:

    How about geek? : P

  11. Lou FCD Says:

    I am proud of my inner (outer) geek, thank you very much.


  12. Diana Says:

    You the first thing that I noticed about the new pic, other than you, is the pic sitting off your shoulder. Very sweet.

  13. Lou FCD Says:

    A happy accident. 🙂

  14. Diana Says:

    Oops typo:
    You know the first . . . . . . . .

  15. Kaylaface. Says:

    You changed your picture!
    I like it. :]

  16. Lou FCD Says:

    Thank you, me too. 🙂

  17. monado Says:

    Hi, Lou!

    If you can, look into doing Pilates, which is excellent for strengthening your core muscles, supporting your body, and keeping joints flexible. A good instructor can modify the exercises to suit your physical limitations. And swimming. Don’t forget swimming….

    “Crowded head, cosy bed”?

  18. monado Says:

    Cozy, dammit!

  19. Lou FCD Says:

    Hi monado!

    I did give Pilates a roll a while back, but it didn’t work so well. I’m currently trying some very basic yoga to see how that goes, and maybe I can get to where I can take another shot at the Pilates.

    The name of the blog is a reference to JanieBelle and Kate, both of whom live in my head. It used to get a little crowded in here. 🙂

  20. Jack Says:

    Lou –
    I am not going to criticize you for who you are, but I have to say this.
    For someone who speaks out for equal rights, you come across as a full bigot. From the hate spew about creationists to the non-abiding attitude toward homophobes, you paint yourself as the mirror image of racists and haters. I didn’t feel the love you have for bisexuals (and you strongly suggest that you are one). I didn’t feel the love for atheism either, only the hate for religionists.
    If my comment is offensive, maybe you should re-write your ‘About’ and tell us how you really feel.

    • Lou FCD Says:


      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your comment is not at all offensive, though I think your case is way overstated.

      As for “full bigot”, I find your comment rather underinformed, but I’m willing to listen. Please go on.

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