JP Straight Up

JP Straight Up

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James and I had meant to get up early and head for Emerald Isle this morning, to shoot the sunrise. We overslept, messed around all day, and late in the afternoon we were bored. The car’s tail lights had mysteriously remained on all night and day and the battery was dead, so I couldn’t take him over to the skating rink.

We decided to take a few shots on the front lawn instead.

The results are on my Flickr page:

Two Girls Puking

Yuck. Both my wife, and now my daughter, have some strange disease where they are spending their days and nights praying to the porcelain God.

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Complete Works of L.

Lou FCDI was thinking about Kristine’s poetry thread.

Back in the mid ’90s I wrote a crap-load of poetry. Most of it was bad, looking back, but some of it may have had some literary merit.
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