A Minor Thing

Douche by Mike Schmid

Douche by Mike Schmid

I would just like to point out from my humble little corner of the blogosphere that if you start your discussion of the causes of war-time rape with, “You are a rapist, even though you’ve never raped anyone”, it isn’t really me who has made it all about me, is it?

That’s all.

From whence came the art:

That image is titled Douche, by Mike Schmid, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.

4 Responses to “A Minor Thing”

  1. Greg Laden Says:

    Last time, Lou. In my third post on the topic (not the start of the discussion at all) while floating the “rape switch” Idea, which in turn I made clear that I did not necessarily believe, was brought to kicking and screaming, but felt needed to be discussed because there was some important evidence supporting it, I said that the idea of the switch is that when it goes on you are a rapist and when it is off you are not. (This is reference to wartime rape).

    To quote myself in response to Rystefn’s assholitude which was in full swing when I checked back on the posting:

    “Rystefn: …. I have a hunch that if there is a “switch” it is not a switch that causes a man cock to violently ram into a woman. Rather, the switch changes the psychology of the man so that rape is not impossible, but is rather possible. At that point, better cultural norms may still be in force and the man may manage to stop himself from the violent act of rape. Or someone else may stop him. Maybe he’ll get kicked in the balls.”

    The idea that every soldier or every man or every combat soldier (or whatever) has this hypothetical rape switch turned on is an elaboration that I did not propose … in fact, I said quite the opposite … by trolls whom you seem to have confused with me.

    So you are douching me because I related a hypothesis that I am fairly uncomfortable with but think still needed to be discussed, which has been taken out of context and misrepresented.

    I’m not sure why you insist on perpetuating this narrowly defined inaccurate characterization of my statements.

    This is not a conversation. But it is over.

    • Lou FCD Says:

      I agree, Greg. It’s not a conversation. It never was. It was stillborn. Spin it any way you like, it doesn’t really matter to me any more.

    • Lou FCD Says:

      I sent this by email, but I’ll put it here too.

      Until you made this comment, I wasn’t even aware of the two previous posts. I was given a link to the Is There a Rape Switch? post. That’s where I started, and until this comment, that was the beginning of the conversation, as far as I knew.

  2. Storm Clouds « Crowded Head, Cozy Bed Says:

    […] the cool storm rolling in here to Jacksonville yesterday evening. Because really, the irony of getting pissed off over being called a douche about all that is pretty thick all things considered, “and when the core of the argument goes a bit over […]

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