Summer Update

Turkey Vulture in the Clouds

Turkey Vulture in the Clouds

So the semester is over and summer is officially here for me, solstice be damned. I’ll probably be able to blog a bit more, and vent some of the accumulated thoughts jumbled up in my brain.

For now, a few bits of updates.

I’ll be reading and reviewing The Unlikely Disciple, by Kevin Roose, for Carnal Nation. I’ll post a link for you when it’s up.

I’ll be hosting the next Carnival of the Liberals here on May 20th. I’ve been receiving submissions and should be getting to those by tomorrow. To this point, they’ve been shunted into a folder in my mailbox just because they started coming in during the lead up to finals week.

Speaking of finals, I think our team project for English 113 (our final was a presentation on one of Hamlet’s soliloquys) went OK, and I expect an A on that and in the class.

I bumped into my Bio 112 prof in a store here in town a few hours after the Bio final. He stopped to say hello and told me I got an A on the final, and complimented my answer regarding The Tragedy of the Commons. I don’t think I did well on the previous exam, so I’m thinking I’m in A/B borderland. Hopefully the final will pull me above the line.

I’ve been doing a lot of photography, uploading pics to my Facebook albums and to Twitpic. Kay is prepping to graduate high school next month, and since the ceremony will be in the football stadium, we needed a decent camera. I had been scrounging to find some cash for summer tuition, but we diverted those funds (and then a little) into getting a Canon EOS Rebel xs a few days ago since I won’t be going to school this summer anyway, and I’ve been using the heck out of it and trying to figure out all those knobs and buttons.

And that’s a bit of a story, too. UNCW Center for Marine Science gives two paid internships per year to Coastal Biology students, and I was nominated by the department for one of them. That was awesome and I was very excited. But then Dub emailed The Chair to tell her that the economy tanked those two internships. That was not awesome and I was bummed. Then Dub emailed The Chair again, and offered one internship on a volunteer basis, and I was offered that. So I guess now I’m quasi-excited. I said from the beginning that I would have done it for free, and in fact assumed it was volunteer at first and was happy to do it, but then I found out I was going to be paid, and now that I’m not going to be paid… well, y’know. I’m excited, but feel a bit like a kid teased with a lolipop. Oh well, I’m looking forward to it. Dub is where I intend to finish my bachelors degree and they have a ton of interesting research projects going, so it’s still a great opportunity. I’m really proud of being nominated for that one slot.

Easy Cool

Easy Cool

And JP. James tried pole vaulting this year for the first time. It’s interesting in that he had no idea that my Pop was a pole vaulter in high school. He seems to love it, finished fifth in the conference, and even went to Regionals. He lettered, and he’s got three more years of vaulting ahead of him. How freaking cool is that?

Oh, and he’s fifteen today. Happy Birthday, son.

From whence came the art:

I took both of those images with my new Canon EOS Rebel xs, and they are each licensed by me under the Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial- Share Alike 3.0 License.

9 Responses to “Summer Update”

  1. Rystefn Says:

    Glad to hear about a ton of good things from you. Hope it keeps going that way.

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Hey, somebody still reads my blog!

    Thanks Rystefn!

  3. Rystefn Says:

    Thanks you. Life’s been up and down lately, but the ups hugely overpower the downs recently. I’d say that you’re invited, but I don’t know how big a thing it’s going to be this far in advance – you understand, I’m sure…

    …of course, being me, and fundamentally incapable of keeping anything reasonable, I’ll probably go on an epic quest to outdo my previous $10k, on a boat party. At this time I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors that I’ve mentioned the cliffs at Dover in the context of a wedding.

    • Lou FCD Says:

      LOL, well I understand, and it’s a fair piece to travel anyway, but I appreciate the thought, Rystefn.

      You didn’t blog about this development, and I can’t even remember the last time I checked Janiebelle’s email, so I’m in the dark here as to the details.

      • Rystefn Says:

        Yeah, I haven’t really done much blogging lately. In fact, you’re the first person I told about it, so you should feel special, I guess.

        Not sure what there is as far as details go, though. We’d been talking about it hypothetically for a while, and at some point, it became less hypothetical, and eventually, we got to not hypothetical.

        I guess the relevant details here are: I love her, I’m pretty sure she loves me, and we’re planning to get married at some point.

  4. Lou FCD Says:

    I’m honored, Rystefn.

    Thanks for the detailed report, though. 🙂

    • Rystefn Says:

      No problem. You’ve proven yourself a good friend to me. Better than I deserve, more than likely. I make no promises, since I know how crazy thing might get in the future, but I’ll try to keep you more or less abreast of what’s going on.

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