The Writing is on the Wife

Sexy Hand

Sexy Hand

I love my wife.

That is all.

4 Responses to “The Writing is on the Wife”

  1. Rystefn Says:

    I approve.

    The timing could have been better, given the recent loss of my personal skin-canvass, but I still approve.

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Thanks, Rystefn.

    I take it I should be reading JB’s email more often?

    • Rystefn Says:

      There wouldn’t be anything from me there as far as I recall. I did post something to The Last Road, but it seems my readership over there is exactly 1 these days (one more than I guessed), so I’m not exactly sure why I bothered. Anyway, in the interest of not getting too emo over here, I’m going to skate. Take care. Tell anyone you think might care I said hello.

  3. khan Says:

    Always a good thing.

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