Hanging Out the Shingle

Coastal Carolina Community College

Coastal Carolina Community College

When the PASS program started this semester, the administration gave us an office. Sort of. Actually, it was a break room/copy room kind of thing for the faculty in the Science building, and we just sort of met there.

It was uncomfortable, really. Personally, I felt like we were invading their common-space, and underfoot. Doc happened in there one day while I was working, and expressed his (and the other faculty’s) discomfort as well, noting that the network printer/copier was in there, and exams and such get printed there. Probably not the best situation, considering that we’re also students and have students coming to us for extra help. The traffic was kind of distracting as well.

Doc pointed out that there was an actual office available down the hall. It had been set aside for the adjuncts, but they didn’t use it. Seems they prefer the conference room and prep room to work. I liked the idea, needless to say, and Doc went to bat for us with the Science Department Chair.

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The other day, they finally got everyone on the same page, and opened the door for us. I’ve been spending my time in between classes getting the bookshelves dusted and scrounging up office supplies and stuff. There was an old P3 computer in there (actually, I think it was an updated 486, haha) for our use, with the promise that we would at some point get a trickle down upgrade (a better used computer from someone who got a better used computer from someone who got a new one kinda thing). I finished getting the office into a serviceable condition yesterday morning and began to set up the computer. The power supply had been scavenged. I let the Chair know and she is trying to speed up the process for us. She also showed me where I could get office supplies as we needed them, and made me feel like we were really part of the family. I really like the Chair.

In the meantime, our office has wireless, and I’ll be using my laptop most of the time anyway. I know the other PASS leaders have been using the one in the former ‘office’ a lot though, so that’s kind of a necessity. The Chair says that if the trickle down process doesn’t go fast enough, she’ll loan us the other one to hold us over.

I spotted a corkboard on the floor of the breakroom, neglected and just leaning against the wall. The Chair said we could have that. I figured I’d go for broke and asked about a white board. She said that was probably not in the budget, but she’d see what she could do. She wasn’t optimistic, so I went ahead and bought a cheap one for like $9 at Wally World yesterday afternoon and hung it and the cork board up on the wall.

We have an operating phone, but I have no idea what the number would be or how to dial it (or anyone else). It has a nice dial tone, though.

It ain’t the prettiest, but it’s functional now, and it’s ours. I put my schedule on the door yesterday, including my office hour. (yes, singular – they only pay me for one) I’ll be spending a lot of time there, because here’s the very best part about our office: it’s in the Science building, right next door to the classroom where two out of my four PASS sections meet for their lecture, the same classroom where I took 111, the same classroom where I have 112. I’m right down the hall from my lab, Doc’s office, Doc II’s office, and my academic advisor’s office. You know what they say in real estate: “Location, Location, Location”. I feel really at home there. The faculty stops by to say hello, and Doc even came and visited me for a while yesterday.

If you’re looking for me during school hours, you might just find me in HS213.

8 Responses to “Hanging Out the Shingle”

  1. Mike Says:

    Nice – but don’t tell me you actually wen to Wal-Mart!

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    It was close by and I was in a hurry. I have a better one at my house here over my desk, but I’m not giving it up!

  3. khan Says:

    I send you a virtual house warming party.

  4. Lou FCD Says:

    Thanks, khan! I presume there is virtual alcohol, right???? (I imagine the real stuff might be pushing the limits…)

  5. Stephanie Z Says:

    Yay! There’s nothing quite like a hangout in the science building. Makes students part of the community instead of just passers-through.

  6. Lou FCD Says:

    Steph, that really is pretty awesome.

  7. biancs Says:

    Have you gotten the phone number yet? If not you could see if the caller ID on you cell will pick it up. It is a shot in the dark figuring they have VOIP and there is no reason for that phone to be connected to the outside, but it is worth a shot.

  8. Lou FCD Says:

    Hey biancs,

    Yeah, I got the number. I got the whole lowdown on the phone system today on the way up to the planetarium.

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