GLBT Community Gets Double Snub

This may at first seem like a rather odd reaction for an atheist to take, but I am personally livid about the snubbing of Bishop Gene Robinson by HBO during Sunday’s inaugural pre-game warm-up. I was already offended by the decision to have Rick Warren brought to the inaugural dinner table, but now I am flat out incensed.

Now, a secular country should not have a state-sponsored prayer to begin with. The First Amendment is pretty clear on the point that the government has no business promoting religion, and most definitely has no business promoting one religion over another. But there is a new administration coming in, an administration that has trumpeted its message of inclusiveness. The new President has bent over backwards to tap the shoulders of people across a wide spectrum of political philosophies, bent over to the point that he has left many of us scratching our heads.

But if the new administration is going to claim it is inclusive, claim to be a government of all people, then why is Rick Warren invited? Warren is inherently antithetical to the notion of inclusion.

Warren is a divisive, mean-spirited fomenter of hate and intolerance. The fact that he wears a nice suit and is very popular does not in any way alter the fact that his message is intrinsically the same message promoted by the likes of Fred Phelps. Warren has no business on the inaugural platform of a President who takes on the mantle of inclusion.

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Yes We Can

Reaching Across the Aisle

The Constitution in Peril by Renegade98 on Flickr

The Constitution in Peril by Renegade98 on Flickr

I appreciate the sentiment of trying to bridge divides. I appreciate what the incoming President is trying to do, in some ways. I understand he is trying to heal deep, open, infected wounds, and ordinarily I find that admirable.

When a reasonable person reaches out like that, a reasonable person will reach back, and a reasonable compromise will ensue. The real problem here is that when liberals reach out, conservatives just back up further into unreasonableness. Then liberals step forward and reach again. And conservatives back up further into unreasonableness.

I’m done with reaching and stepping. We have reached and we have stepped too far. This far, and no farther. The only thing liberal, reasonable people should be reaching for is huge fistfuls of hair to drag the conservatives back toward sanity. You simply cannot reason a person out of a position they did not reason themselves into.

I have no desire to see further compromise. I do not want my elected officials reaching across the aisle to Republicans except to grab them by the balls and yank them to our current position. Then we should take 50 great big steps to the left, and hold out our hands and wait for them to come to us.

If they don’t, well then fuck ’em.

(Taken from a comment I made on my FaceBook page.)

From whence came the art:

That image is titled The Constitution in Peril, by Renegade98, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 license.

Miracle on the Hudson

Science Online Notes

So the conference has been great, a lot of fun and informative stuff. I have a ton of notes from the talks I’ve attended, and there are some really neat conversations I want to tell you all (all both of you) about. Right now though, we’re hanging out, some of us are blogging, lots of chit chat, and waiting for dinner.

I’ve set in on talks and discussions about Science Fiction in Science, Teaching Science in College: Blogs and Beyond, Race in Science, Anonymity and Pseudonymity, and Getting Published as a Science Writer. Good stuff.

I’ve met and chatted with Steph and Ben Zvan, Blake Stacey, Greg Laden, Bob O’Hara, PalMD, GrrlScientist (who’s sitting right next to me blogging and chatting as we speak), Kevin Zelnio, and a bunch of other really cool people. I’ve listened to a bunch more, a lot of whom are Sciblings. Mucho coolio.

Science Online 09

So the connection here is a little spotty (which is rather odd, considering we’re in the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society center.

I was a little late getting here, but made the second half of Steph’s talk. Steph rocks.

Just now we’re just hanging, and talking with Bob O’H and Eva from Nature Blogs. I’ve said hello to Dr. Peter Lipson of White Coat Underground.


I’m awake and disturbed. I just awoke in a pool of sweat.

I was having a nightmare, a particularly nasty one.

It began when I was a judge presiding over a case involving a suit brought by some nutters claiming some very interesting rock formations (the rock was inherently green) were actually “greenmen”, supernatural but sleeping creatures.

I was poopooing their ridiculous claims when another of the greenmen materialized from nothing in front of the rock formation, crying out, “What are you doing with my brothers and sisters?”

I was shocked.

The greenmen slowly began to awaken, and transform into more human-like people. They were vampires, and they were pissed.

The next thing I remember, I was trapped in a guillotine having my fingers removed with a cigar cutter. Marching past the guillotine was an army of vampires, thousands of them, armed with pikes and shields, advancing on the dirt road toward Petersburg, Russia. I was kind of sadly focusing on wiggling the stumps of my fingers and wishing the vampire would just drop the blade and be done with me. He did, but it got stuck half-way down. He was mocking me while he worked on it.

I woke up as the voices of millions of people in Petersburg began to scream in pain and terror.

WTF is that all about? I mean seriously, why Petersberg, Russia?

Calling Dr. Freud, Dr. Freud please pick up the red courtesy phone.

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