Science Online Notes

So the conference has been great, a lot of fun and informative stuff. I have a ton of notes from the talks I’ve attended, and there are some really neat conversations I want to tell you all (all both of you) about. Right now though, we’re hanging out, some of us are blogging, lots of chit chat, and waiting for dinner.

I’ve set in on talks and discussions about Science Fiction in Science, Teaching Science in College: Blogs and Beyond, Race in Science, Anonymity and Pseudonymity, and Getting Published as a Science Writer. Good stuff.

I’ve met and chatted with Steph and Ben Zvan, Blake Stacey, Greg Laden, Bob O’Hara, PalMD, GrrlScientist (who’s sitting right next to me blogging and chatting as we speak), Kevin Zelnio, and a bunch of other really cool people. I’ve listened to a bunch more, a lot of whom are Sciblings. Mucho coolio.

6 Responses to “Science Online Notes”

  1. Mike Says:

    I really want to make it there next year, man. And to think that I missed out on meeting Janie Belle.

  2. Kevin Z Says:

    Nice to meet you this weekend Lou!

    • Lou FCD Says:

      You too, Kevin! It would have been nice to have just a little more time for socializing, but I couldn’t make it up today (yesterday now? – Sunday). I’d have liked to have spent some time just relaxing and chatting.

      It was a great time, though.

  3. Bora Zivkovic Says:

    Great to see you, too! Next year? Of course!

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