I’m awake and disturbed. I just awoke in a pool of sweat.

I was having a nightmare, a particularly nasty one.

It began when I was a judge presiding over a case involving a suit brought by some nutters claiming some very interesting rock formations (the rock was inherently green) were actually “greenmen”, supernatural but sleeping creatures.

I was poopooing their ridiculous claims when another of the greenmen materialized from nothing in front of the rock formation, crying out, “What are you doing with my brothers and sisters?”

I was shocked.

The greenmen slowly began to awaken, and transform into more human-like people. They were vampires, and they were pissed.

The next thing I remember, I was trapped in a guillotine having my fingers removed with a cigar cutter. Marching past the guillotine was an army of vampires, thousands of them, armed with pikes and shields, advancing on the dirt road toward Petersburg, Russia. I was kind of sadly focusing on wiggling the stumps of my fingers and wishing the vampire would just drop the blade and be done with me. He did, but it got stuck half-way down. He was mocking me while he worked on it.

I woke up as the voices of millions of people in Petersburg began to scream in pain and terror.

WTF is that all about? I mean seriously, why Petersberg, Russia?

Calling Dr. Freud, Dr. Freud please pick up the red courtesy phone.

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6 Responses to “Disturbed”

  1. Bob O'H Says:

    Well, why not St. Petersburg? It has people, which is a good thing for a vampire.

    Apparently St. Petersburg has several frozen mammoths (this information from my friend the mysid smuggler). I don’t know why this would be relevant, but I think it’s pretty cool anyway.

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    It is very cool, Bob.

    And I don’t know how I knew this in my dream, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t St. Petersburg, it was just Petersburg… which was somehow different… for some reason… or something.

  3. Diana Says:

    Can we saw too much KH??

  4. Lou FCD Says:

    Too much something, for sure.

  5. Rystefn Says:

    Have you considered the possibility that it’s a warning from the greenmen of what is to come if we don’t stop mining and grinding them up to put in Wint-O-Green Life Savers? Frankly, I think it’s their own fault for being so tasty, but they might be a little miffed… Luckily, they’re kind of dumb, and don’t realize that pikes a shields are utter crap against assault rifles and grenades, so it’s pretty clear who’s going to win that particular war.

  6. Lou FCD Says:

    I hadn’t Rystefn, but you may be on to something.

    Thanks for that!

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