Ok, so I’ve been tagged over the course of the semester with a few memes, and though I know there were a few of them, I’m only finding this one at the moment.

Steph tagged me and so did Bob with the 5:56 meme back in early December. I apologize for the delay, but finals were coming, and quite honestly I’ve been enjoying the break by being mostly lazy about writing. A little rest for the wicked, as it were. Ok, so the deal is I pick ten books, at least five fiction, and give the fifth sentence on page 56. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to guess the books.

– You can pick and choose the books to find the most interesting sentences.
– At least five of the books should be fiction.
– Try not to use books that are so obscure no one could guess what they are.
– You can give hints, if you so desire.
– Tag some other bloggers to pass the meme along.

(I imagine that due to my tardiness there aren’t any bloggers left to tag, so just be tagged if you want to be.)

The meme resides below the fold.

1. Alan didn’t mind the rib.

2. Every human slave wore one from the time he or she was taken from the parents; they were fitted with collars as soon as they were placed in training, from the simple “This is a hoe” that began for the dullest of the slaves at age six or eight, to the complicated training of the concubines and fighters.

3. She valued the considerate neglect She had at some cost taught them after years.)

4. Whatever it is you look back on now with the most amazement.”

5. Suspiciously I looked all round, but could see no key of any kind.

6. This works the other way, too: 13,000 years in the past, the seasons were reversed.

7. He extends the same view to animals.

8. It didn’t make sense.

9. I’d never been to bed with a man after that, though now and then I’d felt a powerful temptation to do it, at least when I was very young.

10. Only the kingdom based on Dumbarton seemed to remain significant; in the south-west, Northumbrian kings were eating away at Galloway, at Carrick and Kyle.

Some notes and clues:

There are five fiction, four non-fiction, and one “other” books in this list.

1. There’s no way anyone would get that based on that rather generic little bit, so here’s some more.

Alan didn’t mind the rib. In fact, he thought it was a pretty good one. But he, and every other carrier pilot, had one great advantage over the blue-suiters. There wasn’t a land pilot alive, no matter how great he was, who didn’t hold the carrier jocks in enormous respect for their skill at living, working, and flying to and from a floating runway. There are few things that shake up a land pilot more than the prospect of searching an angry ocean for a bobbing and rolling greay slab that is an aircraft carrier deck.

8. Ditto above.

It didn’t make sense.

Personnel did not behave erratically without a reason. One man might be unpredictable, but in large numbers they were as dependable as machines, or figures. They could be measured, examined, classified.

A few should be easy, a few rather difficult, and the rest somewhere between.

6 Responses to “5:56”

  1. Kevin at GodsDandruff.com Says:

    Books? People are still reading books?

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    You can have my books when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers.

  3. catgenius Says:

    Nope, don’t recognise any of ’em. Although 10 is clearly a history of Scotland.

  4. Lou FCD Says:

    Yep, catgenius, it is. In fact, that’s the title of the book.

    The New Penguin History of Scotland – From the Earliest Times to the Present Day, edited by R. A. Houston and W. W. J. Knox

  5. Kym Says:

    5. Dracula

    and I hesitate to expose in public that I’ve read one of these but 2 isn’t from one of the Gor books is it?

  6. Lou FCD Says:

    Oh, Kym, very good! Number 5 is indeed Dracula, by Bram Stoker.

    But no, number 2 is not a Gor book.

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