Report Card

Got my report card today.

Wanna see it?

It’s below the fold.

My Report Card

My Report Card

10 Responses to “Report Card”

  1. Stephanie Z Says:

    Highly respectable, sir. What’s up with that?

  2. The Mad LOLScientist, FCD Says:

    Filled with AWSUMLY AWSUM AWSUMOSITY! You TOTALY RAWK!!!!11!1!!!!eleventyhundredeleven!!! =^..^=

  3. Lou FCD Says:

    Thanks, all.

    Not so bad for a washed up old electrician, huh?


  4. Stephanie Z Says:

    Not so bad for anybody, Lou.

  5. khan Says:

    Better than most of mine.


  6. paragwinn Says:


  7. Lou FCD Says:

    Thank you, paragwinn.

    I’m really quite proud of that, and even proud of the B in Precalc, considering I haven’t had a math class since 1985. (I think I took one in my third semester at Marshall in ’96, but that was the semester I didn’t finish and dropped out half-way through.)

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