Campbell Brown Ain’t Buying Your Bridge

The Administration really is living in an alternate reality, as is the entire Republican Party.

(More insanity below the fold, ably addressed by Campbell Brown.)

Look out, she ain’t buying your bridge, Tucker. Funny how desperately the Republicans are trying to spin and doubletalk and flat out lie their way into hanging on to power. If you didn’t know any better, you might think they didn’t give a crap about the issues, or this country generally.

Oh wait.

Of course, it’s patently obvious why the Republicans don’t want Palin anywhere near reporters or the public. If she’s allowed near either, someone is going to ask her a question. And if they do, she’s liable to answer. And every single time she opens her mouth, she displays yet greater depths of ignorance and psychosis. They’re rightfully terrified that American voters who become familiar with what she actually has to say about issues (or anything substantive at all) will wake up from the nightmare in which they’ve been trapped for the past 8 years.


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