Slide into the Weekend

Get Thee Behind Me, Charles!

Get Thee Behind Me, Charles!

Click for the full strip, at Abstruse Goose.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been blogging my Bio 111 course over at After the Bar Closes.

I’ve posted up my notes from this morning’s lecture there, and that link will take you right to the top of them, if you give it a sec to load.  Briefly, we touched on Charles Darwin today, and then got into emergent properties, heredity, descent with modification, common descent, and natural selection.

I also joined the Science Club today.

English class was short, as we had a sub (Mr. B is at a wedding), she couldn’t get the powerpoint projector working, and she isn’t as boisterous or as gregarious (or as verbose) as Mr. B.  She cut us loose early.

Between both classes, it was a nice easy slide into the weekend.

From whence came the art:

That is a snip of one panel from A Wise Man Once Said… at Abstruse Goose.

2 Responses to “Slide into the Weekend”

  1. Stephanie Z Says:

    Sure as hell beats a stumble and collapse into the weekend. Hurrah for ending the hardest week on an easier note. Enjoy your well-earned rest.

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    No rest for the wicked, Steph. I have an essay to write, and still a bunch of precalc homework.

    The essay is a “just in case” thing. The instructor hasn’t talked at all about actually writing an essay for his class, but the sub had mentioned one in class, in passing. The entire class was like, “Wait. What? What essay?” I’m going to write one and keep it in my back pocket for emergency use. 🙂

    It was a nice ending to the first week, though.

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