The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability

My book review of The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability: For all of us who live with disabilities, chronic pain & illness is now online at Sex in the Public Square.


The sexuality of disabled members of our society is perhaps one of the most closeted, or at least overlooked, topics in American public discourse. Rarely is the topic addressed even by the most strident of sex positive advocates. The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability was written to rectify this deficiency in our public square. The authors, Miriam Kaufman, M.D., Cory Silverberg, and Fran Odette, take a unique and personal approach to their mission by lacing the book with actual responses from a survey done by phone and internet. These survey responses faithfully guide the book toward its objective.

Read the rest at SitPS.

3 Responses to “The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability”

  1. Rystefn Says:

    I have often considered the topic, and sometimes wondered why it’s so ignored. I have considered the possibilities of finding myself in this kind of position with a mix of dread fascination and morbid hope, since I faced the real, if slim, possibility of it were I to survive my own situation.

    It’s good to see that it is being addressed, and that even if I never have need of it, it is there for those who do.

  2. Lou FCD Says:


    It is good to know that somebody is addressing the needs of those of us have these issues. This was the first time I’d every heard of anyone directly and openly discussing the topic, and I was all too happy to do the review for Dr. Wood.

    I’m usually a “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” kinda guy, but in your case, I’m just going to keep sticking to the former part, and screw the latter.

    In accordance with the studies that show a small but significant disadvantage to people who know they are being prayed for, I will do my part and not pray for your recovery. I’d like to have you around awhile, and I don’t want to provoke the invisible zombie who lives in the sky to go mucking about where (s)he/it ought not.

  3. Abstinence Only: Reality Denial is an Epic Failure « Crowded Head, Cozy Bed Says:

    […] Cory Silverberg, coauthor of the book I recently reviewed for Sex In The Public Square, The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability, offered up a link to A Portrait of Sexuality Education and Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs in the States at the Sexuality Education and Information Council of the United States on Friday, a week ago. […]

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