Feeling Ancient

el placer de vivir, by xurde @ Flickr

el placer de vivir, by xurde @ Flickr

My little brother called me this morning to inform me that he has become the very first in our generation of 20 (first) cousins to become a grandparent.

Little Isabella was born just before midday yesterday, and though she’s having some minor issues, is expected to be fine.

From whence came the art:

That image is titled el placer de vivir, by xurde, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 licence.

24 Responses to “Feeling Ancient”

  1. anothersadsong Says:

    Well, at least it’s not your seventeen year old daughter that had the baby…or your fourteen year old son’s baby’s mama.

    😀 there’s a bright side to this.

    If it’ll help you, I can go find someone to impregnate me. I’d do it just for you.


    I love you. not that much. :]]

  2. Lou FCD Says:


    You are a riot.

    I love you too. much, you brat.


  3. Kevin at GodsDandruff.com Says:

    That’s the difference between the two of us Lou, I want my boys to get somebody pregnant.

  4. Stephanie Z Says:

    I think you’re the age my mother was when she became a grandmother, but I don’t think that makes you old. I think, as your wise daughter suggests, that it means someone else is (or was) a bit young for this. Of course, I think most people should be trusted with rental cars before they’re trusted with children.

    Besides, you can’t be old, because I’m nowhere near old. 🙂

    Glad to hear the issues are only expected to be minor.

  5. Lou FCD Says:

    Heh, Kevin. It’s not that I don’t want grandbabies, I do. Just not anytime soon. That needs to wait until after college.

    Steph, my mother was actually younger than I am now when her first grandbaby was born, but college wasn’t a part of our family’s life.

    Sometimes, with my physical issues, I feel like an 18 year old kid trapped in an 80 year old body. This is one of those days when I feel more like an 80 year old trapped in an 80 year old body.

    I’m just happy she’s expected to be OK.

  6. Diana Says:

    HA! This makes you a Great Uncle. You are old! HA!

    I’m glad he gave you a call, he called us last weekend to go up to the Eagles camp but we were busy.

  7. anothersadsong Says:

    I love how everyone is trying to be helpful here except Diana. :]

    Way to be supportive! :]

  8. Lou FCD Says:

    I got pictures on my cell.

  9. Diana Says:

    That’s my job, K!

    Lou, can you email pics, we’d love to see her!

  10. Lou FCD Says:

    Sure. Give me a few minutes.

  11. Lou FCD Says:

    Check your inbox.

  12. Diana Says:

    OMG! She is soo cute, not am ounce of your family in her! KIDDING!!! She’s adorable. She looks really long too.

  13. Lou FCD Says:

    I looked at her once the pics were on the computer to where I could really see them, and my first thought was, “oh god, she got the nose”.

  14. Diana Says:

    Oh, I see what you mean, but it’s not bad.

    We’re watching the Olympic men’s synchronized diving, and Wonderman is comparing their butts, and I think secretly their packages too!

  15. Lou FCD Says:

    Well cool. ’bout time he made it to the 21st century. Next thing you know, he’ll be a Democrat.

  16. Diana Says:

    He said quit stereotyping him like all the other Republicans.

  17. Lou FCD Says:

    Y’mean like how stereotypical Republicans let other people speak and do their thinking for them?


  18. Diana Says:

    No, just like a typical Republican, he has a secretary to do that for him.

  19. Kaylaface. Says:

    sometimes, dad, i think you and wonderman should be married with the way you two fight. and now you’re even dragging one of the wives into this. where is the fairness in this??

    tsk tsk.

  20. Diana Says:

    What, he didn’t tell you about that time in Canada? : )

  21. Lou FCD Says:

    Hey now! You weren’t asposed to tell!

  22. Lou FCD Says:

    (P.S. Don’t make me bring up the clown incident.)

  23. Diana Says:

    Jane said she got rid of the evidence! = 0

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