Exam Scores

Exam Header

Exam Header

So I guess there are one or two people who might be interested in knowing how well (or not) I did on the college entrance placement exams.

Though I had other plans lined up for today, I took the time to go down to Coastal and meet with a counselor, since that’s the only way I could get the scores.

I showed up after having picked up the boys from weight training, and having dropped off Kay at Jane’s work so she could use her car.  The waiting room was packed, and the lady told me it would be about a two hour wait.

Well, I had time, so I put my name in and took a seat.  Right off the bat, sitting on the couch, it occurs to me that I am the sole man in the room.  Yeah, it’s so gonna suck being a college student.  (Just kidding, honey!)

I read through an old copy of Our State magazine, watched people come and go, saw the others ahead of me go back, saw people come in behind me, flipped through the course catalogue, and eventually, just about two hours after I walked in, one of the councelors came out and called my name.

We walked back to her office while she flipped through my little folder.  “Did you take the placement exam?”

“Yeah, a couple days ago.  Tuesday.”

“Huh.  It should be in here then.”  She showed me a seat in her office, sat down, and looked on her computer for my scores while telling me not to worry, they’d be in there.  They weren’t.  She left to go find them.

She came back a while later, and was looking at the paper in a strange sort of way…  I was suddenly very nervous.

“uh… Louis?”

“Yeah?  That bad?”

“I’ve never seen scores like this.”

She made some circles on the page where my scores were.  The maximum score is a 99.

Reading Score

Reading Score

I did well in Reading, maxing out.  No big surprise.



I did well in Writing, again maxing out.  I’m kind of proud of that.



Pre-algebra, maxed that out, too.  A pleasant surprise.



Algebra, I missed a question.


She was impressed enough to call in another councelor who happened by her door.

“I’ve never seen that.  Reading and Writing?  Sometimes.  Those?  Never.”

They went on for a bit, swelling my head, and the second counselor began addressing me as “Genius”.  Well, I doubt it, but it’s not like I was going to stop her.

Major ego day for Lou.

Exam Scores

Exam Scores

51 Responses to “Exam Scores”

  1. Lou FCD Says:


    I’m pretty tickled.

  2. a.real.girl Says:

    See! Awesome. Great way to start the weekend! Well, great way to start this adventure at this college too, but we can celebrate both!


  3. Lou FCD Says:

    You know it, A!

    Much drinking and celebrating, starting right frackin’ NOW!!!

  4. Lou FCD Says:

    I mean, uh, yeah, I did OK, huh.


  5. Stephanie Z Says:

    And now I can finally point out that a calculator that can’t do fractional exponents will still generally handle the decimal equivalents just fine. ‘Cause, you know, you can write a fraction as a decimal. 🙂

    Congratulations. And I told you so.

  6. Lou FCD Says:

    🙂 Thanks.

    That actually occurred to me at the time, Steph, but I couldn’t remember if that would work for an exponent.

    Thinking about it now, of course, it makes perfect sense, but at the time, I was pulling twenty year old algebra out of my ass, under the gun.

    It was sort of stressful, and I may not have been at the top of my game.

  7. ERV Says:



  8. Lou FCD Says:


    That’s exactly what I said! (Once I got to my car…)

  9. Stephanie Z Says:

    Yeah, I suppose. You did miss a question. :p

    If you weren’t at the top of your game then, performing almost perfectly under stress, do I want to know what you’re like when you are?

  10. Lou FCD Says:

    I Am Monster. Fear Me.


  11. Emma Says:

    You is smaht.

  12. Lou FCD Says:

    10-Q, Emma.

    i iz sumffin. C-A-T smaht.


  13. Beth Says:

    Good for you, Lou.

  14. Lou FCD Says:

    Thank you, Beth.

  15. Beth Says:

    I’m all bemused, of a sudden. We’re so polite and restrained. Where’s the tea and cucumber sandwiches?

  16. The Boy, He Passeth « UDreamOfJanie Says:

    […] both of you in the universe that he hasn’t Emailed yet, The Boy got his college entrance exam scores back […]

  17. Lou FCD Says:

    What’s wrong with tea and cucumber sandwiches? I like tea and cucumber sandwiches.

    (But as soon as I’m done picking up the boys from football practice and doing the grocery shopping, I’m either going to go crazy wild and drink ’til I puke, or possibly just go to bed early because I’m drained. It’s sort of a 50/50 shot right now…)

  18. Cuzzin" Dottie Says:

    Congratulations, Lou! It’s that Shackleton intellect that we share!!! It will show every time!!!
    Way to go, Cuz!

  19. Lou FCD Says:

    Hey thanks Cuz! Yup, we got Teh Awesome in our jeans, huh?

    …oh wait…


  20. J-Dog Says:

    Ahem! Not to rain on your parade or anything, BUT, I’m thinking that you owe it all to your Bestest Friends at ATBC! Well, maybe a little? Some?

    SRSLY – CONGRATS 2 U. That means you done good gramps. You’re a credit to our generation.

  21. Lou FCD Says:

    Thank ya, thank ya sir, from old old man to another.

    Now I’m off to pick up the aforementioned boys from the aforementioned practice, do the shopping, and then the drinking!


  22. Kristine Says:

    How can I cube a shimmy, Algebraic Genius?

    What can I say? Congratulations!

  23. Lou FCD Says:

    You can cube a shimmy if you want to, Krisitne!

    Thank you so very much.

  24. nunyer Says:

    Woohoo! You’ve earned a spot in the “intellectual, educated segment of society” which is attacking Everything Good And Pure In Murka.

  25. Lou FCD Says:

    heh, thanks for that, and for the link, nunyer. That’s funny.

    “It’s a bathroom door the GOP would rather keep closed.”

    …looks an awful lot like a closet door to me…


  26. Lou FCD Says:

    Thank ye sir, thank ye very much.

    **three sheets in the wind with a lovely bottle of celebratory merlot**

  27. Kevin at GodsDandruff.com Says:

    That is SOOOOO ‘shopped!

    The grainy pixelation do-dads are all reversed on the “99’s” meaning you took the “66” you really got and turned it over.

    You can’t fool me.

  28. Kevin at GodsDandruff.com Says:

    I gots modernated…did my comment end up triggering a spam filter?

  29. Lou FCD Says:

    You musta not been logged in. Generic Avatar.

  30. Kevin at GodsDandruff.com Says:

    You’re just trying to deny the truth.

  31. Lou FCD Says:

    You also used a different Email address…


  32. Lou FCD Says:

    For the record (in case of visits by strangers), the only ‘shopping I did was blanking the personal info and cutting up the page.

  33. Kevin at GodsDandruff.com Says:

    What is the tag I am supposed to use for sarcasm?

  34. Lou FCD Says:

    I knew you were being sarcastic, Kevin. I just wanted it to be clear to anyone else who happened by.

    Here, have a great big man-kiss.

  35. Diana Says:

    Sorry I’m so late in the game, I guess I missed the email Janie was talking about, oh and the phone call!!! I see where I (we) rank these days. This is what I get when a 13 year old (Nik) commanders the only computer in the house for 3 days. And then we were gone all day yesterday.

    Okay, enough with the excuses, CONGRATS! We had no doubt that you were going to do fine, but nooooo you had to go and show off. Way to go! Now lets just see the first report card. ; )

  36. Lou FCD Says:

    Heh. Kids.

    Thanks Diana. Right now though, I’m mostly concerned with figuring out how to pay the bill before registration.

    And then the books.

    And then the damned transcripts.

    And then getting classes I need and want.

    And then getting them scheduled around the kids.

    And then getting there and getting the material.

    Report cards are a little ways down the list yet.


  37. Beth Says:

    And taking notes …

    And writing papers …

    And taking exams …

  38. Lou FCD Says:

    Filled out that stupid fafsa form online.

    Pain in my ass.

  39. Beth Says:

    Be one with the fafsa. Truly — it’s ever so much easier online, faster too, by far, in terms of processing. It’ll be simpler next year, as you’re in the system now. Oh, and next year? Fill it out just as soon as you file your taxes (obviously, this year you’re on a different schedule), as some of the funding is first come, first served.


    Sorry, tucking the academian away now …

  40. Lou FCD Says:

    No, thanks for the info, Beth.

    Will do.

  41. Kym Says:

    Holy Shamoly! I’m impressed. Reading and writing–I can guess from your blogs you aren’t a dummy but algebra, too? Awed is the only word.

  42. Lou FCD Says:

    Thank you Kym. I’m still kinda finding it hard to fit my head though the door jams.


  43. Kevin Says:

    damn man! You’re like smart and stuff. Well done.

  44. biancs Says:

    Look at the big brains on Lou!!

    If you didn’t ace these tests you should have been shot. After all of these years. I was sure of a few things

    1. you have a knack for writing
    2. you can reed
    3. you can do algebra (remember the math you did in your head at your last job, simple formula substitution and solving for an unknown)

    finally you are taking a test in NC the bible belt you cheated and just answered God said so to every question.

  45. Lou FCD Says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Yep. C-A-T smart.

    heh biancs,

    actually I went with goddidit. A subtle nuance, to be sure.

  46. Jenn Says:

    Congrats! cousin, Lou. You are a smarty. I was always told that but never had proof until now. Good job, keep working hard. I know you will succeed because you have the motivation. Jenn

  47. Lou FCD Says:

    Thanks, Cousin Jenn!

    Not only that, but I’m damned good lookin’. …and I have a great butt.

    Oh yeah, I’m also going to rule the universe. That’s a plus.


  48. Damon Says:

    I’m glad I read this. That’s one of the things I fear about getting older; so many people lose any lust for knowledge after high school or college and it’s scary to imagine myself falling into the same rut. Or the rut of doing well in high school/college, forgetting everything I learned, and pretending I’m a sophisticated gentleman. It smells like bullshit to me.

    Great job!

  49. Lou FCD Says:

    Thanks, Damon. Just don’t wait a long time like I did. Get right in, dive in head first, don’t look back and don’t stop for anyone or anything.

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