Nobility, Honor, Honesty, Integrity

Fine words and fine sentiments. Goals for which we strive, and rightly so, I think.

I tend to see things in black and white. Sometimes I forget we are just humans, and humans are messy creatures. There is always the constant struggle between what we want and desire for ourselves and what is right for us and those around us. Life is not always right and wrong, but sometimes a sliding scale of amorphous choices, in which nobility and honor and honesty and integrity are a subjective judgement of actions or character, imposed by history in retrospect.

Who is more noble, Ashley Wilkes or Lancelot? Who had more honor, in the end? Which was more honest, and which had integrity? Can we fairly judge, not having been in either of their shoes exactly? Are we hypocrites all? Are these questions just philosophical masturbation?

Perhaps, just perhaps, they were both just human after all.

Or perhaps, you’re just reading the ravings of a sleep deprived mad man.

The one is as likely as the other, I think.

15 Responses to “Nobility, Honor, Honesty, Integrity”

  1. ...solipsubmissive... Says:

    Nobility, i’m told, is sometimes measured in the heart, not the deed.

    But, really … it’s both.


  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Hello elise,

    I think that sometimes, as in both cases above, we cannot control the nobility of our hearts, and are left only with the ability to control the nobility of our actions.

  3. Lou FCD Says:

    …in which case, are we the betrayed or betrayer of our own nobility?

  4. Beth Says:

    I live in a world of gray. There are no perfect choices, no neat and tidy answers. Humans are not angels: we all make mistakes, lose our way. Is there greater nobility in making the choice others deem ideal? Or in being forgiven for choosing an alternate path? Do we honor all others, at the expense of ourselves?

    I never liked Lancelot — in any of his incarnations.

    Honesty? Honesty can be ignoble, when only used to devastate.

  5. ...solipsubmissive... Says:


    Neither and both. Of course.


    You’re right. Human beings cannot be angels. But then, angels aren’t always good, are they?


  6. Lou FCD Says:

    I find can identify with both Lancelot and with Ashley, and as I grow older and look back, I gain respect for both of them.

    They are both, and each, tragic and noble, honest and dishonest, honorable and treacherous, in their own way. It’s a fascinating comparison for me.


    Neither and both. Of course.

    There is great truth insight there, I think.

    Thank you for tending to my comment over yonder.

  7. Beth Says:

    Mmm, I meant that angels are perfect. Something different from good vs. bad.

  8. ...solipsubmissive... Says:


    No thanks necessary. ~smile~ i don’t do it for the glory.


    Angels are decidedly not perfect. After all, Lucifer, though fallen, is still an angel.


  9. pandora Says:

    Just the fact that one wrestles with such things is evidence of nobility and integrity.

    Quite something I lack.

  10. Lou FCD Says:


    How noble of you. *smiling*


    We all lack nobility and integrity to some degree or another. Perhaps it is the struggle for balance between nobility of action and nobility of heart that defines us.

  11. Beth Says:

    Ah, elise. *smile* I, personally, believe there is perfection, beauty and celestial grace in Darkness, just as there is all that and more in the Light. I don’t believe the one is better than the other; neither can exist without the other.

  12. Lou FCD Says:


    What the hell does that even mean?


  13. Beth Says:

    You can’t have light without dark, Lou. Remember that.

    It means my brain is breaking from working to get my computer back up and running … bit of a challenge with a scrambled hard drive.

  14. ...solipsubmissive... Says:


    Not to take anything away from what you believe … i have respect for it … but i believe perfection is boring. And that it doesn’t truly exist.

    Perfection is the carrot, as it were.


  15. Beth Says:

    Oh. I’m not using the word in that sense: I only meant, that perfection can be found in darkness, just as it can be found in light. Perfection is only a matter of interpretation anyway …

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