Chew The Fat

Speaker, by Simon Scott

Speak and be heard.

Call it an open thread for the mundane stuff.  Family, friends, fishing, whatever relaxes and/or interests you.  Just keep it light.

From whence came the art:

That image is titled Speaker, by Simon Scott

16 Responses to “Chew The Fat”

  1. biancs Says:

    I can keep it light. As you know Lou I have been listening to the skeptical podcasts and I am really enjoying the skeptics guide to the universe. It has renewed my interest in science, and just how amazing the natural world and the universe are. In that vain the other day I was observing a squirrel running darting back and forth admiring the advantages of this response to being chased by a predator. How being quick and nimble is a great way to avoid foxes and hawks, but alas …. not my car!

    Phrase of the day:

    Once you make something idiot proof. They go and build a better idiot!

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Hah! Old friend, it’s always good to see you, even if only in cyberspace.

    Baby got you up at 2AM?

    I was just reading one of my daily haunts yesterday, though I forget exactly which, and someone had posed a similar question about squirrels. Why do they run out into the road, realize they’re about to be roadkill, turn back the way they came, reach a safe place on the side of the road…

    …and then run back out into the road and under the tire?

    I think you’ve hit upon the answer, most probably.

    …and by all meaningful, objective measures, I am the better idiot!

  3. Lou FCD Says:

    The administration must really like me over at the middle school (hey, the VP (yes, that VP said I was one of her favorite parents). They asked if I’d proctor for the EOC exams.

    (Actually, they are probably just in desperate need of bodies, but I like my spin a little better.)

  4. Lou FCD Says:

    Just back in. Right in the office, in front of a whole messa teachers and staff, VP cracked me up.

    “Mr. FCD’s here?” She raised her voice dramatically as she turned toward me. “Oh, I love you. I’m just gonna go ‘head and say it, right here, out in the open in front of everyone. I love you. I mean it.”

    I opened my mouth to make a crack about my wife’s thoughts on polyamory, but thought better of it and closed my trap.

    See? I can learn!

  5. biancs Says:

    I think your correct Lou, they did want you because you did such a good job. If they were just trying to get bodies wouldn’t they want one that worked?

  6. Lou FCD Says:

    Good point.

    Now I remember why you are my oldest and dearest friend.

  7. biancs Says:

    Hey what are friends for!!! How is the college hunt going? anything new lately.

  8. Lou FCD Says:

    Nah. Same spot as before.

  9. Diana Says:

    Just watching the 4 o’clock news and wondering, Is it hot enough?? How bout your weather now?!!

  10. Lou FCD Says:

    Cooling off. It’s only 93 now. Very nice, but a little muggy.

    I’d like to be naked at the beach, but the cops have no sense of humor.

  11. Diana Says:

    They would if they saw you naked. Hahahahaha

  12. Diana Says:

    Oh, and thanks for sending your weather up, we’re afraid to even leave the comfort of our AC.

  13. Diana Says:

    I found this blog of a photographer that does work that
    I could only hope to do someday. After her last post I had to direct you there. You should also look at her post from about a week or so ago on her cemetery shoot. I know you’ll appreciate these pics but so will JanieBelle (pass along the link). I don’t know how to embed the link into a word so here it is all spelled out.

  14. Diana Says:

    Did you check it out??

  15. Lou FCD Says:

    Oh, yeah, and I was majorly impressed. I just got lost and forgot to come back and tell you so.

    Thanks for the link.

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