It’s the Little Things

(I’m crossposting this from a post I wrote at BlueNC.)

Marshall Adame at Home 2007I found a little something to smile about in an otherwise disappointing Letter to the Editor.

From yesterday’s Jacksonville Daily News, there is a rather disheartening Letter to the Editor entitled Politics run amok cancels blood drive.

From the title, I guess it was obvious that the ending would not be a happy one.

The story started out well enough. Hugh L. Wilde Jr., chairman of the Carteret County Democratic Party, felt the need to give something important back to the community, and approached the matter in a way near and dear to his heart.

So to this end, I contacted Bob Jones with the American Red Cross and set up a Red Cross Blood Drive that we held on Nov. 24, 2007, at the Morehead City Train Depot. As this was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it seemed to me at be a great date – two days after we have given thanks and at the start of the holiday season when we hope for peace on Earth and goodwill toward man.

The long and the short of Mr. Wilde’s letter is that when he again contacted Mr. Jones last week about setting up more dates for blood drives, he was told, “Mr. Wilde, after the last blood drive we had a complaint from someone in Morehead City about doing a blood drive with the Democratic Party and we can’t do it with you again.”

How utterly disappointing that someone would feel the need to drag negative politicking into such an honorable and admirable activity as a blood drive. Mr. Wilde laments that his motivation was one of repayment of a moral obligation, as both his grandmother who died of blood cancer, and both his parents who have needed blood for heart surgery, were on the receiving end of the generosity of blood donors.Adame For Congress ‘08

What I wanted to mention however, is that a name in the article caught my eye. It’s a name I’d never heard until this past week. It’s the name of a fellow I’m going to see tomorrow night, the name of a candidate who’s impressed me quickly with his statements and stances on this very board. It’s the name of a man who now has my vote not for those positions or statements, but rather for a passing mention in a Letter to the Editor in a small town newspaper about a blood drive to which he may not have even given a second thought.

I contacted several candidates, including Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue, to attend and help with the drive. In the end, three candidates attended – Perdue; Marshall Adame, candidate for Congress; and Beth Wood, candidate for state auditor. They were all very helpful and spent their holiday Saturday helping their fellow man.

You have my vote, Mr. Adame.

(Photos of Marshall Adame used with permission of Mr. Adame.)

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