Crazy Is As Crazy Does

 The Voices Are Back!!, by goodnight_photography @ Flickr
So I often wonder if I’m totally sane. I don’t hear the Voice of Metatron in my head or anything. I don’t really have three people living in my head, although it seems that way sometimes.

But maybe I do have three different aspects of my personality in there. Maybe that’s the real advantage to having the girls around. Maybe that accounts for why so many people think of us as three separate individuals.

I’m a lot like JanieBelle in some ways, or I guess more accurately stated, she’s a lot like me in some ways. She provides a vent of sorts for a portion of my personality. Overtly sexual yet oddly demure and coy about some things from time to time. Opinionated, informed but still not thoroughly educated. She certainly won’t suffer a fool to continue in foolishness. That part is probably least like me. I’m more likely to allow a creationist (for example) to drone on an on for a while before I step in and say something like, “You have no idea what you’re talking about, do you? Get an education.”

I’m pretty liberal with the swear words at home, more like Kate. I tend to use them less in public out of appropriateness, but I won’t avoid them if I find them useful. I don’t really care much about whether what I say offends people. Don’t think you’ll like my answer? Don’t ask the question. Disagree with me? That’s your fault.

Kate doesn’t say much or blog much, but kind of reads and learns. She’s less articulate, more forceful.

It’s funny how different people who know us all have preferences. Some folks address me when emailing, some JanieBelle. I try to accommodate whoever is writing and answer in the appropriate voice. Mostly it seems that JanieBelle gets the most play. I’m not jealous of that, though I’ve been asked if I am. Hey, she’s pretty attractive, I understand. I think of that as a pretty major compliment, actually.

Having the girls around gives me this place, though. All the craziness and the politics and sex and what-have-you going on over there gives me a quiet place over here. Here I can be mellow and talk about my kids and my dreams and nightmares, memories and my extended family. I like this place.

I’m glad I was talked into keeping them both around after the gag was over.

Am I nutso? Probably.

But I’m OK with that.

From whence came the art:

That photograph is titled The Voices Are Back!!, by goodnight_photography.

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