Medical Merry Go Round

JP Immediately Pre-OpIt just doesn’t seem to end sometimes, y’know?

So both kids were out of school most of last week, sick. JP had some sort of stomach thing going on, Kay a virus exhibiting different symptoms. Kay was bad enough that we took her to see Doc Pace. Love that guy, btw. He checked her out, did a throat culture (which is where the worst of the symptoms where rearing their heads), gave her some antibiotics on the chance that it might be bacterial rather than viral. He was pretty sure it wasn’t strep or mono, at least.

She gets better by Friday and goes to school, James not so much.

He’s feeling better by Monday and goes to school, Kay finishes the course of antibiotics and begins to feel worse again.

Yesterday, I pick JP up from school, and he’s dragging ass getting to the car. He gets in and I say, “Yo, there are cars behind me with kids to pick up, what’s up with you?” He’s wincing in pain.

Now, he’s still wearing the boot from the ankle fracture he got at the end of football season so he’s not supposed to be on his skateboard or anything, but… yeah, like that would really stop him anyway. I figure he’s found a way to injure himself while on the field trip, undoubtedly doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing.

“My side hurts.”


“Right here.” He points.

“OK, we have to go to the hospital.” Kay’s home sick, I’m trying to get some writing done, I had not really anticipated appendicitis when I planned my day. I was in my PJs.

“It’s your appendix,” I told him, trying to keep him informed so he wouldn’t panic.

“Yeah, that’s what my teachers said.” He seemed a little worried about the surgery thing, but explaining it all seemed to give him some ease.

So here’s the whole story as he then related it:

Apparently, after having gone to bed the night before, he had a really bad pain there. He chalked it up to a cramp and went to sleep without mentioning it to anyone.

It wasn’t really hurting him yesterday morning when he got up, so he went on to school, again without mentioning it to anyone. While on the field trip, it began to hurt again. Again, he didn’t bother mentioning it to anyone. It was only after the teachers started noticing him holding his side and grimacing that they became aware of what was going on.

They gave him some good advice: “When you get home, tell your Dad you have appendicitis and need to go to the hospital.”

Um… thanks.

Were I not so tired, I’d probably go rip someone a new ass. Obviously basic biology isn’t much of an emphasis for obtaining a teaching certificate in North Carolina. I’m not surprised considering he just came home the other day with a permission slip for an abstinence-only sex “education” course.

(What do you get when you cross Abstinence-only Sex “education” with actual Education?  Two hundred pregnant teenagers in one high school.  Ask Diana.)

I should probably rant about how “God will take care of you until you get home” is not a useful attitude when a 13 year old kid is presenting with appendicitis symptoms. It also won’t prevent the appendix from bursting, which can seriously complicate the appendectomy and can be fatal.

I’ll spare you that, and I’ll spare you the rant on the sheer incompetence of any so-called “Intelligent Designer”. I’m good like that, plus I have a wonderful and beautiful pair of magnificent, intelligent, and capable sock-puppets who can do so rather eloquently and elegantly. (Girls, can you please stop calling me “The Meatsack” now? I don’t mind “The Boy” so much…)

Post-op TextingBut I got him to the hospital and the docs removed the appendix laparoscopically. It hadn’t burst and it went smoothly, according the surgeon. I got to chat for a while in the waiting room with his girlfriend’s mom, and she’s a very pleasant lady. Eventually she had to leave, but let Gina remain and Jane gave her a ride home after the surgery. That was a big comfort to him. Gina’s a real sweetheart.

Fortunately, they have unlimited text messaging on their cell phones. He wasted exactly zero seconds after being taken to the pediatrics ward.

He’s been in good spirits since the surgery, charming the staff on the ward, and Jane just now called me to tell me he’s eating and wants to get up and about this morning.

She also mentioned his Science teacher, Mrs. R., just called to check on him when she heard he had taken ill yesterday. I really like her. We chatted before the school year began, and she laid out the curriculum for me. She’s very personable, and had a great demeanor about her. Plus, she’s not ducking cellular evolution to avoid offending the wing nuts. Good for her. Good for the kids. Science rulz.

I’m beginning to view my life as a series of familial health-care crises, occasionally interrupted by brief moments of other minor distractions.

20 Responses to “Medical Merry Go Round”

  1. Kym Says:

    Ok, your life officially is worst than the rest of the world. Crawl back in bed and pull the covers up. Tomorrow, maybe…maybe, everyone will be better.

    Poor guy!

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Sure seems that way sometimes, Kym.

    We try to keep a humorous disposition about it, though. I keep asking the staff about the super-secret savers’ rates on long-term room leases at the hospital.

    They haven’t yet admitted me to the secret club, though. Stingy Fascists.

    I just got word from Jane that JP is being released to come home. He should be here in an hour or so.

    I just gave Kay some cough syrup, and she’s got a 3:15 appointment with Doc Pace.

    How much do you care to wager that she’s in the hospital before sundown?


  3. Kym Says:

    Everyone all better yet?

  4. Lou FCD Says:

    No. They’re all merchants of death and disease.

    I’m considering burning them all at the stake.

  5. Lou FCD Says:

    Oh, did I forget to mention that my wife is now coming down with something that suspiciously resembles whatever my daughter has?

    Lovely. I’m locking myself in the bedroom with the dog and I’m not coming back out.


  6. anothersadsong Says:

    good thing no one took you up on your bet.

    only because my fever broke before i made it to doc pace.

  7. Diana Says:

    Don’t forget to bring in the peanut butter in the room. It’s not really considered cheating . . . . . . . ; )

    I hope they ran blood work on Kay just to make sure there isn’t other things going on. And were glad to hear that JP made it out! At this rate are either one of them making it to the next grade????

  8. Diana Says:

    I’m going to edit this because of personal info, Diana.


  9. anothersadsong Says:

    nope, they didn’t run blood work. he’s pretty sure its a virus and i’m starting to feel much better, minus the continuous hacking and sometimes dizziness.

    and probably not. 🙂

  10. Robyn Says:

    Wow. Every time one of my kids complains about a pain somewhere near where I kind of think the appendix is, I panic. I haven’t had to actually rush anyone to the hospital, but it’s one of those parental fears of mine. Glad everyone is OK.

  11. Lou FCD Says:

    Finally, Robyn. Everyone is finally feeling better.

    And then tonight we wound up back at the E.R.

    This time, James’ girlfriend though. She came to see him while he was in the hospital, I couldn’t really begrudge him a visit to her.


    I’m just going to move in at the hospital.

  12. Lou FCD Says:

    “Finally, Robyn. Everyone is finally feeling better.”

    Yeah, so much for that.

  13. Kym Says:

    That sounds ominous. Hope the sickies pass quickly.

  14. Kym Says:

    That sounds ominous. Hope the sickies pass quickly.

    Wait, I hope I got this before it made a double post. I hope the sickness passes quickly and Lordy I hope your sickies don’t pass or die quickly or otherwise:O Sorry!

  15. Kym Says:

    That sounds ominous. Hope the sickies pass quickly.

    Wait, I hope I got this before it made a double post. I hope the sickness passes quickly and Lordy I hope your sickies don’t pass or die– quickly or otherwise:O Sorry!

  16. Kym Says:

    :Retreating blushing madly while mumbling: Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool then open it and confirm their suspicions…

  17. Lou FCD Says:

    Holy Crap, Kym! What the heck were you doing?

    I’ve told you and told you and told you…

    No simultaneous wild monkey sex and blogging! Sheesh.

    As for the sickies, Kay got better, got worse, got better…

    She spent most of three weeks out of school.

    Now we got a call yesterday that my father-in-law is in intensive care with pneumonia back in Kentucky. Jane and the kids and Little John took off this evening, and I’m really hoping that it’s not as bad as it sounds, but it’s hard to tell because we can’t seem to get any information from here. There’s much family strife complicating the emotional side of things. I may disappear for a few days if it turns out worse than I think it will, as I’ll go up there as well.

    I’m a little brain burnt from all the local and state political reading I’ve been doing, but maybe I’ll post something worth reading about it tomorrow, assuming I’m not half-way to Kentucky.

    Go easy on mixing the monkey love and the post button in the meantime.


  18. Kym Says:

    NO, no monkeys–Donkeys. Donkey love is my thing;.

  19. Lou FCD Says:

    Eh, one mammal’s the same as the next.

    It’s your thing. Do what you wanna do.

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