Shock and Awe

LeftyOh forsooth. I am sure that you’d never have guessed, right?

I think the only reason I’m so far to the economic right on this graph is because of the question about taxes. The question was something along the lines of “Do you believe that raising taxes is the best way to reduce the federal deficit?”

No. I believe that a much more effective method would be to reduce the loopholes for the wealthy and large corporations and actually make them, y’know, pay some taxes.

Even better, let’s stop illegally invading other countries and spending hundreds of billions of dollars and priceless lives for the benefit of Dubya’s erection. It’s disgusting how little he and his ilk value human life, and how flippantly and carelessly he’d sacrifice good men and women on the altar of his woody in the temple of his wallet.

Try it yourself.

(I like Greg Laden’s answer best though.)

8 Responses to “Shock and Awe”

  1. WhoreChurch Says:

    I’m Barack according to my answers.

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Oddly, you don’t look a thing like him. You do however, resemble that pope guy from a while back for some reason.

  3. WhoreChurch Says:

    Parts of me definitely resemble a black man’s.

  4. JanieBelle Says:

    Show me the money, baby!

  5. Mister DNA Says:

    These things are always so poorly worded. I support the death penalty, yet I completely disagree that it deters crime.

    Anyway, I’m just to the left of the economic line and between Edwards and Obama on the social side.

  6. biancs Says:

    See what happens when you imprison yourself in the hellish south with all of the far right crackpots. I totally removes all of your reasoning skills. I was just a little south of mister Paul, and that is due more to the wording of the questions. To add on to DNA’s statement. I ended up in the middle on social issues because i don’t care what other people do, but they have to account for the radical on each side. Now i am just rambling.

  7. anothersadsong Says:

    holy crap! I know that Biancs guy!! xoxo

  8. Lou FCD Says:

    Ramble away, brother. It’s good to see you here and it was great having you guys down over the holidays. Thanks for all the tastes of home. That made our Christmas.

    …but I think I resemble that radical remark. Y’know what they say though: “Reality has a well known liberal bias.” – Dr. Colbert

    I think we need to talk him into a blog, don’t you Sweetie?

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