A Little Scary

Topsail Beach, North Carolina by JamSkiLast evening my wife fell ill. It was scarily reminiscent of when Pop went down last year.

She spent the night in the hospital, Kay stayed with her. I’m beginning to hate that place.

Tests have all come back fine. That’s kind of scary in itself.

I’m off to the hospital.


From whence came the art:

That photograph is titled Topsail Beach, North Carolina, by JamSki.

34 Responses to “A Little Scary”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Keep us posted! *hug*

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Thanks Amanda.

    I’m just back from the hospital. In an annoying non-development, there aren’t any beds available in the hospital, so she spent the entire night in a room in the E.R. Despite the circumstances, they’re only allowing her one visitor at a time.

    Kay spent the night in a recliner in the room, and was still pretty much asleep when I got there, so I made my visit short so Kay could go back in and the two of them could go back to sleep.

  3. Elizabeth Wood Says:

    How maddening!
    I’m thinking of you all and hoping for a quick recovery from whatever it turns out to be!

  4. Lou FCD Says:

    Thanks Elizabeth.

    I just got word that she’s in a room, and I’m on my way back over there now.

    I’m so tired I probably shouldn’t even be driving, but I’d rather risk death by vehicular accident than death by abandoned spouse.

    The former sounds much more pleasant.


  5. WhoreChurch Says:

    Oh man I feel your fear. I hope they discover a simple problem that can be easily fixed.

    To give you some hope: Kendra is better in almost every way since getting on the medicine for her seizures. Unexpected but wonderful.

  6. Kym Says:

    Hey take care of yourself too. I hope the doctors are able to figure out what’s going on today.

  7. Marteen Says:

    Thinking about you and your wife Lou. I really hope all turns out for the best dear.

  8. Lou FCD Says:

    It’s good to hear that about Kendra, Kevin. Give her our best.

    No news so far, just lots of tests and trying to figure it out.

  9. WhoreChurch Says:

    Hopefully you’ll get solid, easy to address, answers quickly. Limbo is hell. (Actually I think Limbo refers to purgatory, but you get my drift.)

  10. Lou FCD Says:

    Got it. Eleventy bajillion docs in today, twice as many tests run. So far they’ve ruled out a neurological event (i.e. seizure).

    Progress, I suppose. The good news is that it doesn’t appear to have been anything major.

  11. WhoreChurch Says:

    Maybe she thought for a second about your incredible manliness and swooned?

  12. Lou FCD Says:

    It’s been known to happen.


  13. When They Came For JanieBelle, I Said Nothing « UDreamOfJanie Says:

    […] me if this post is a bit haphazard and lacking in the derision and disgust it deserves, but given The Boy’s family situation I felt it was more important to put a post up than to give it the attention it really needs.   […]

  14. The Science Pundit Says:

    Chin up dude, you’re in my thoughts.

  15. Lou FCD Says:

    Thanks Javier. Just back from the hospital again, nothing new to report.

  16. Lou FCD Says:

    Back to the hospital.

    Doc Pace was in again yesterday (I love that guy). He’s currently leaning toward Gastric dumping syndrome. The symptoms and circumstances fit, but it’s not confirmed. The GI will be in today.


  17. Kym Says:

    I hope you got some good news.

  18. Lou FCD Says:

    Not a peep since yesterday morning. Doc Pace did mention to her that she’d go home today in the “worst case scenario”.

    She’s happy ’bout that.

  19. Kym Says:

    Yikes! Quick, clean the house and buy flowers.

  20. WhoreChurch Says:

    Going home with you is the WORST case scenario, huh? You must be really tough on her.

  21. Lou FCD Says:

    Too late, Kym. She’ll be home early this afternoon, but I have to take my Pop about an hour out of town for one of his doctor appointments. I’m leaving in a half-hour.

    Yeah Kevin, apparently I suck!

  22. blipey Says:

    nice too hear that Kay is okay and that it’s probably nothing serious. One for the good guys! Give her well wishes from the clowning peanut gallery.

  23. Natasha Yar-Routh Says:

    Not knowing what’s wrong with a loved one is the worst, been there done that never want to go back. I’m glad Kay is coming home, even the best hospitals are still depressing.

    wishing you all the best

  24. Lou FCD Says:

    Y’all confused me for a minute. My wife Jane was in the hospital, my daughter Kay just stayed with her the first night.

    I’ll pass along your well wishes anyway though. Thanks.

  25. Lou FCD Says:

    Oh, and P.S.

    She’s home and going 90mph again.

  26. blipey Says:

    That’s what I get for poor reading skillz. Great news, but you might want to issue a speeding ticket, ninety is dangerous.

  27. Lou FCD Says:

    No. Damned. Way.

    She’s mean.

  28. Kym Says:

    She has to go so fast because she’s probably trying to clean up after you. Poor lady, dirty house no flowers…

  29. Lou FCD Says:

    I probably should have phrased that as “She’s home and back out, making sure the rubber on the car tires doesn’t get cold”.

  30. Lou FCD Says:

    P.S. I’m on strike. I won’t clean up messes I don’t create.

  31. Lou FCD Says:

    P.P.S. I seem to be the only one who notices.

  32. Kym Says:

    Oddly, I have the same problem!

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