Missing The Point

Richard Dean Anderson portrays W. Kevin VicklundYou may know him from The Panda’s Thumb. He’s been called the Master of MacGyvers.

Look out, he now has a blog:

Missing The Point

 The point of this blog is to document the illogic of modern argumentative discourse.  Of particular focus are the arguments of pseudoscience and the nuances of First Amendment rights.

Please go welcome W. Kevin Vicklund to the blogosphere.

2 Responses to “Missing The Point”

  1. W. Kevin Vicklund Says:

    Thanks, Lou. The holidays have been really crazy, so I haven’t had a chance to produce any posts of substance yet, but I will rectify that deficiency post-haste.

  2. All Work and No Play Make Mac a Dull Boy « Missing The Point Says:

    […] on the list was picking an avatar.  Thanks to Lou, that was actually pretty easy.  In 2006, Panda’s Thumb had a contest to see if the […]

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