Hottie Competition

Y’know Kevin has dedicated an entire blog to his Redhead. I’ve kind of avoided talking about my wife, mostly because she knows where I keep the framing hammer, and she’s not afraid to use it (on me).

But this I had to share.

My Covergirl Wife


(Disclaimer: I already know what I’m getting for Christmas, so this post is not in any way an attempt to suck up. Just so y’know.)

7 Responses to “Hottie Competition”

  1. Elizabeth Wood Says:

    I hope Mrs. FCD gets out the framing hammer and frames your work. It’s gorgeous! (As is Mrs. FCD.)

  2. WhoreChurch Says:

    Hey, didn’t I comment on this last night? Maybe the spam eater ate it. Or maybe I commented about this on my blog or something.


    She’s so hot I’ll be you’d marry her twice.

  3. WhoreChurch Says:

    bet not be. Frat party at my house last night. Sorry.

  4. Lou FCD Says:

    On behalf of Mrs. FCD, thank you both. I’ll pass along y’all’s compliments.

    I actually did this for the AtBC comic strip I’ve been putzing with, and I made a few other issues. (Kristine and Molly are both covergirls) If anyone wants to appear on the cover for future strips (on any magazine I can replicate), just let me know. I’m enjoying putting little references and homages in the background.

    Elizabeth, thanks for the compliment on my work. I actually looked for a website that would do it automatically first, and even found one, but it did a supremely crappy job. I had to do this “from scratch”, and it was a bit of work figuring out how to go about it.

    Kevin, I checked the filter and nada.

    And yeah, she’s worth giving a second go-round.

    um… y’know what I mean.

    um… I’m gonna quit while I’m behind-but-still-breathin’.

  5. WhoreChurch Says:


    Kendra won’t let me send you any more pics. Something about “isn’t he the one who wanted a picture of my butt?” Of course I assured her it was for Janie, but she isn’t buying.

    I haven’t broken the news to her yet that she comes up number 1 on Google for the search phrase “big butt redhead“. Somehow I don’t think she will be pleased.

    And thanks for finding the comment on my own blog. Wow, that was some party.

  6. Lou FCD Says:

    Well, I could promise not to look at the picture, but I don’t think she’d care for the results.

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