The Coin FlipFirst let me just give some serious props to the Stallions. Our opposing team today sized up pretty well with us, but only dressed ten players.

Rather than force them to forfeit, our coach offered to play with only ten. When one of their players went down to injury, he offered to drop one more of ours but the refs wouldn’t let him. Fortunately, they only went two plays with one man short.

That’s some great sportsmanship by our coach, and I’m proud to be associated with such a man. Coach Chris, you rock.

Now, the formula at the top…

Two touchdown receptions plus one 50+ kickoff return for a touchdown plus one extra point pounded in on the ground equals James scoring 19 of our team’s 28 points in a 28 – 6 victory over a team that gritted it out to the end every bit as much as we did on Wednesday night.

On Defense, James was all over the field. He stayed home when he was supposed to, which showed great discipline, but blasted through the line on blitzes and made a boat load of tackles, one of which saved a TD on fourth and long, getting us the ball back, and an open field one that stopped a first down from becoming a TD.

Other notes of the day:

After making sure I had the camera and the camcorder all ready to go, batteries charged, the works, I forgot to take a tape with me and couldn’t record the game. I got a few stills of the coin toss which sucked (the best of which is above – James is #77 in white with long black hair), but before I could get any more the ref needed some parents to work the chains. I volunteered, and thus have no pics of the game. Some of the other parents got both stills and video, and I’ll post them when I get them.

James started cramping badly with about five minutes left in the game, and came out for the rest of the game. I was a little worried about him, but by the time of the final whistle he was feeling a little better. He’s now watching the NC State game against Clemson, and suddenly entertainment is instructional education. He’s absorbing and making good observations. I’m tickled about that.

I’m really impressed with the sportsmanship of our coach. The Stallions pretty much pounded the middle, so when the score started getting big, Coach Chris pulled James out to OLB, to give some other kids a chance to bang pads. For the record, the Stallions scored their only TD on a sweep around that same side after James came out of the game. (I’m a Dad, I’m obligated to mention that.)

On the opening kickoff of the second half, the team executed a reverse with James winding up with the ball. He was sprinting down the far sideline with one man between him and God. The Stallion player was slanting toward him from inside, and just as he was about to nail James and take him out of bounds, James came to a dead stop, kicking up this huge divot, and as the Stallion player was sailing past in front of him, another of our players laid a block on him that would make an NFL highlight reel. I heard it and cringed from the other side of the field. James cut back inside and ran like a cat with its tail on fire to score for the second time of the day.

The offensive line held like a rock.  Our QB got time to do his thing, and he did it very well.  There was a huge improvement in blocking assignments and defense assignments.  Special teams did a fine job as well, the receiving team picking up yards  and the kickoff team not allowing many.

James was penalized after his first touchdown.  He didn’t know he wasn’t allowed to spike the ball.  Whoops.

Kudos to every single boy and girl on the field, and to the coaches who are teaching them all so damned well about football the way it’s supposed to be played – with guts, glory, and honor. (The girls play every bit as well and as hard as the boys, for the record – we have one on our team, and though I’m told each of the other teams has several, I can’t tell which ones.)

2 Responses to “2+1+1=19/28”

  1. WhoreChurch Says:

    Somewhere there is a Stallions dad posting tears on his blog and cursing number #77.

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Nah, with the exception of the Raiders, it seems like all the kids and their parents thus far have shown incredible sportsmanship, and taken everything to this point in stride.

    Seems like a good bunch of parents and kids.

    I’ve been less impressed with some of the attitudes and actions of the Raiders and their parents. In my personal opinion, some of the things I’ve seen from some members of that team have crossed a few ethical lines. Although there was an incident involving one of the kids, mostly I’m talking about parents. It’s kind of sad, really.

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