The Moment For Which You’ve All Been Waiting

Half A Leg Trimmed

Yes, yes, I know. You want to see the damned pictures of Lou FCD in the red dress he wore to his Aunt Helen’s viewing.

I warn you, the utter provocative sexiness inherent in the pictures below the fold may be hazardous to your libido.

I assume no liability for any damage the pictures may cause to your relationship, and I must politely decline any offers of marriage or sexual favors as I am quite happily in a monogamous marriage. Head below the fold at your own risk.

Each of the pictures has a larger version, and if you are bold enough, you can click them for that.

Though I bought the shoes last, I thought I should start the pictures here as a little tease.

Sexy Shoes

Here I’m giving a bit of a pissy look, which I find rather sexy.


A lovely smile, don’t you think?


OMG! TEH SEXY!!!11!!1!


Look at those legs, baby.




Workin’ with what ya got.


Hold on to your hats, this may be a bit much for the more sensitive.


46 Responses to “The Moment For Which You’ve All Been Waiting”

  1. The Boy in The Red Dress « UDreamOfJanie Says:

    […] So some of you have requested to see the pictures of The Boy in The Red Dress that he wore to Aunt Helen’s viewing. (The full story at that link, here at UDoJ.) […]

  2. criminyjicket Says:

    my condolences having already be given, I’d feel remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that this was like a train wreck…i just had to see

    I shall now go smash beer cans on my forehead, and burp, and scratch my follically overwhelmed arse in an effort to get the testosterone flowing back to my brain. I just came to a site to see a dude in a dress.. I’m nor sure U’ll deal with this in a good way.

    Thanks janie. *s*

  3. JanieBelle Says:

    Hey, you were warned, CJ, both at my blog and then here.

    I can’t help it if you have a weak stomach.


  4. Lou FCD Says:

    My sincerest thanks for your condolences, Criminy, and my apologies for any beer can trauma you may incur.

  5. max Says:

    Um. Not the prettiest girl at the prom, but certainly the most stylish.

  6. Lou FCD Says:


    Max, when I was a rude young boy, we would have used the phrase “Butter Face”.

    As in, “It’s all good Butter Face.”

    eh, maybe not.

  7. Kristine Says:

    How beautiful!
    You crashed my AOL! 😉
    Not the prettiest girl at the prom? Who says?

  8. Lou FCD Says:

    Thank you for your chivalrous defense of me, Kristine.


  9. Diana Says:

    Words cannot express . . . . are you sure you didn’t photo shop your head onto the pic of the $1 hooker who works your corner? I never realized your girlish figure! Aunt Helen was definitely smiling down on you. She probably is still laughing. : )

  10. Lou FCD Says:

    I have no idea if I was just complimented or insulted, but thanks.


  11. Diana Says:

    Wow Lou, you are sooooo insightful, you’re welcome! ; )

  12. JanieBelle Says:

    Oh, the snark is strong with this one. I see why you like her!

  13. Lou FCD Says:

    I’m having a Rodney Dangerfield moment here…

  14. criminyjicket Says:

    hello lou…nice to meet you, the whole attire thing not withstanding.

  15. Elizabeth Says:

    I just came from the Sex in the Public Square “coming out” party and one of our very gracious readers was Miss Veronica Vera of Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys who want to be Girls. Lou, I think she’d say you’re off to a good start with that dress and those shoes.

  16. Rachael Black Says:

    yes but are you SINGLE?

    Fuckless in Reno

  17. Martyne Says:

    You are the second “trannie “I have seen pictures of this morning. Spooky! It’s always nice to see a “girl” who has even smaller breasts than me. No offence intended. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Lou FCD Says:

    Hi Criminy. Nice to meet you, too.


    I’m afraid I wouldn’t make a very attractive girl, but I do think I’ve got the figure for it. Sorry the girls and I couldn’t make the shindig, it would have been fun.


    I bet you read Playboy for the articles, too. 🙂 I’d help you out ’cause I’m good like that, but my wife is somewhat more… conservative… than I am – and she knows where I keep my old framing hammer.


    I considered stuffing enhancing my figure, but the dress wouldn’t have fit.

    Thanks all.

  19. gctemple Says:

    You wouldn’t happen to be a hasher, would you?

  20. Lou FCD Says:

    Quite possibly.

    What’s a hasher?

  21. gctemple Says:

    Yeah. I ask because they have an annual red dress run where everyone dresses up in red dresses and they run around very public places.

  22. max Says:

    Jeesh I do not know “butter face” or “hasher.” I am so sheltered.

  23. damewiggy Says:

    hey! we have the same nipples! and breasts, for that matter!

    okay, i’m gonna go drink heavily now.

  24. Lou FCD Says:

    Ahhh… I see now, GCT.

    No, I’m not a hasher. I’m afraid my running days ended when I wrecked my neck and became a bored, crazy cripple guy. Otherwise, I’d be all over that.


    I’m not surprised you wouldn’t know what a “butter face” was. It’s unlikely in the extreme that term was ever applied anywhere near you.

    Dame Wiggy,

    Does that make us like nipple siblings or something? Bosom Buddies? Breast Friends? Mammary Mates? Titty Twins? Is there like a special MySpace type social networking site for us? I’m feeling rather special now.

    I too am going to go drink heavily, as flattery goes right to my head.

  25. Martyne Says:

    I’d never heard of “butter face” either, but I like it. damewiggy and Lou FCD, I am going to follow your example and the first of many sherries has already been poured. Before I loose the ability to type I would like to pose a question. Why do males have nipples? They are as practical as a chocolate teapot!

  26. Lou FCD Says:

    Nah, Butter Face is a mean term. I’d only consider using that phrase on myself these days. Primary school boys are not always very kind.

    My father-in-law has an expression for useless things – “That’s about as useful as tits on a boar hog”. Funny stuff, with his Kentucky accent.

    Males have nipples because they evolved in mammals generally, and there’s not been sufficient selective pressure against them for them to be lost. There isn’t much detriment to males for having them I suppose.

    That’s the short answer. If you’d care for the scientific specifics, the boys at After the Bar Closes would be happy to help you out, I’m sure.

  27. Martyne Says:

    You are pretty close to the truth Lou. When we are embrios we are all female. It is only at a later stage of development that males, fuelled by testosterone, come into being. By that time they have already developed nipples which are usless to them.

  28. Diana Says:

    Hey, how’s the hair growing? Are ya itchy yet?

  29. Martyne Says:

    Yeah. I know what Diana means. You must be in that “itchy stubble phase”. How are you coping?

  30. Lou FCD Says:

    Can’t talk now, got an itch to scratch…

    Yeah, I’m in the itchy phase…

  31. Timmi Says:

    Love the shoes! Dress is fab … might I suggest a little flower behind the ear if you ever don the dress again? It adds that special touch.

  32. Lou FCD Says:

    Geez. Why the heck didn’t I think of that?

    Thanks for the compliments on the wardrobe, though. I had been wondering if the nipple shot might have been a bit much for you.


  33. JanieBelle Says:

    ‘cuz the thong was cutting off the blood supply to your brain?

    Just kiddin’, couldn’t resist.


  34. Lou FCD Says:

    Oh, you are a riot.


  35. WhoreChurch Says:

    Oh no, I think I just turned gay. Or I chose to be gay. I don’t know. Gay is a choice, right? But, damn, you are one hot hunk of man meat.

    Have you seen this? The sword cuts both ways:

  36. Lou FCD Says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t help but notice the irony involved there, Kevin.

    PZ Myers blogged about it as well, and it’s been mentioned at AtBC, too.

    Thanks for the compliments, too. I could see about loaning the dress out if it does something for your Redhead. What’s your size?


  37. My Redhead Looks Sexy in Her Little Red Dress « My Redhead Life Says:

    […] friend Lou over at Crowded Head, Cozy Bed recently explored cross-dressing. It’s a great post and it even has pictures. I made a comment or two on the post and Lou offered […]

  38. alex layton Says:

    Hi there
    after seeing all of those pictures i am interested in a one on one chat, heres my email just add me ]

    looking forward to our chat x x x

  39. Lou FCD Says:

    Hello Alex,

    And thank you for the invitation but quite honestly, I just don’t do chat, and my wife would probably object to it anyway.

  40. Ftk - Private Eye « UDreamOfJanie Says:

    […] You’re just jealous that The Boy has a better figure than you (I think he looks great, and he wore it for a damned good reason full backstory here).  Also, […]

  41. WhoreChurch Says:

    Someone really needs to think about the children. Won’t someone please speak for the kids?


  42. Lou FCD Says:

    Yeah, a real geniac that one.

    I’ve got my hands full keeping her from turning every single thread at AtBC into a thread about her moral superiority over … well over everyone.

  43. WhoreChurch Says:

    NOBODY does moral superiority quite like me. Well, except Mike Huckleberry.

  44. Lou FCD Says:

    Well, the difference of course that we laugh with you.


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