Lou Simpson FCD

Well everybody in the universe had done it, even Timmi Toler. I might as well do it, too.

Lou Simpson FCD and Shakespeare, as rendered by SimpsonizeMe. (I know you’re jealous, Mikey.)

At The Kwik E MartLou Simpson FCD

7 Responses to “Lou Simpson FCD”

  1. Mike Says:

    Add on a few more tats and it could be Kev, along with a Philly’s sports jersey! (And a beer)

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Hey, nice of you to drop by Mikey.

    Yeah, no lie. Y’know, a little photoshop action…

  3. timmi Says:

    The dress is fab, my friend. Goes well with the chest hair.

  4. timmi Says:

    and isn’t it a little freaky how much they do actually look like you?

  5. Lou FCD Says:

    Why thank you, Timmi. And yes, it’s a bit unnerving.

    And also, what the heck are you doing up at 3 AM? Shouldn’t you be resting up for a column or something?


  6. biancs Says:

    WOW it is remarkable how accurate this is !!!!!!!!

  7. Lou FCD Says:

    Y’think? I see it in everybody else, but I have a hard time seeing myself…

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