Suggestions For A Friend

ConfusedA friend of mine approached me by phone about starting a blog. Apparently, she was somewhat impressed with my writing skills and blogging skills, and also apparently she has too much free time on her hands needs to occasionally vent.

I offered to help her out, ’cause I’m good like that.  Plus, having started at least ten blogs (off the top of my head) for myself and/or others, I think I can safely say I know my way around a publish button.

First thing I told her she needs to do is think up two names – one for herself, and one for her blog. I just happened to remember that Kevin over at WhoreChurch came up with a really kickin’ list of blog names, which should at least spark an idea or two. Check that out. 450 great unused WP blog names, yours for the taking. Just don’t be a jerk and take one you’re not going to use, because once it’s taken no one can ever use it again.

If you have any good ideas for her that you don’t want for yourself, put ’em in the comments here.

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