Aunt Helen Improves, Aunt Mary Departs

Aunt HelenLots of folks have publicly and privately expressed their concern, and I’d like to thank you all for your kind words.

Aunt Mary left to return for Pennsylvania this morning, after having spent a long weekend here, mostly visiting Aunt Helen in the hospital. That added a little more busy-ness to the family neighborhood, but it was good to see her and some of my Pennsylvania cousins again.

One of my cousins from that branch who couldn’t make it this weekend may be able to slip down next weekend, and that’s family-cool too.

Aunt Helen herself is improving, near as I can tell. That’s good news. Yesterday she sat up on the edge of her bed for a while, which is a great sign given the way things are going. She got to eat some real food, and had a milkshake, I understand.

I visited this morning, but she was sleeping pretty heavily. Kind of a bummer, but if that’s what she needs, I’m all good with that. I didn’t wake her.

We don’t have a solid long-term prognosis yet, but I don’t think that’s going to be rosy in any way, so I’m in no big rush to hear it.

I’ve just gotten some rather bad (though not unexpected) news by phone, so I’m going to leave it there for now and just say thanks for your concern and kind words, if you’ll please excuse the abrupt ending.

I just wanted to say thank you publicly.

One Response to “Aunt Helen Improves, Aunt Mary Departs”

  1. Martyn Says:

    Just want to say you have my support, as always. Family should come first. You take as long as you need to cope with this. Please don’t feel obliged to respond to this comment. I know you will read it when you are ready.

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