Allow Me to Share

In response to this post at the Denialism Blog,

If I may, please allow me to share a warm fuzzy divorce story…

I met a lovely young lady just before Halloween in 1987. We got along famously, and we were married before Thanksgiving. Probably not the brightest idea I’ve ever had I admit, but I was twenty and twenty year old boys aren’t always very wise.

Nevertheless, we did OK, and had a little girl in ’91 and a little boy in ’94. By the time he was a few months old, we were constantly fighting, and all miserable.

We split in April of ’95, and agreed not to fight any more over the past for the kids’ sake. Anytime the conversation steered toward the sore spots, one of us managed to steer it away. It wasn’t always easy.

We turned out to be much better friends than we were husband and wife, and by the time our divorce hearing came up, we had settled everything ourselves and showed up at the courthouse sans attorneys and holding hands.

The magistrate saw our hesitation as we pondered the plaintiff’s and defendant’s tables and helped, “You can sit together, if you want.”

She asked us a bunch of questions about our marriage, and about why we wanted to get a divorce, and when we were done, just before she banged the gavel she said to us, “Y’know, I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and you’re the first two adults I’ve ever divorced.”

Anyways, long ’bout ’02 we decided we kinda liked each other and she (the ex-wife, not the magistrate…just to clarify) and the kids moved in with me. Now we’re approaching our second anniversary of our second marriage to each other, and I gotta tell ya’- divorce was the best thing we ever did for each other or for the kids, statistics be damned.

Anecdotal and scientifically irrelevant, but it worked for us.

Divorce rocks. Ask my kids.

11 Responses to “Allow Me to Share”

  1. WhoreChurch Says:


    I’ve been dreaming up a post on Jerry’s timely death when your post showed up. We’ve missed you.

    Great post. Nothing is worse than a bad marriage. Nothing is better than a good marriage. Looks like you and the missus have experienced both. Good for you.

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    It’s nice to be missed.

    As for Jerry, timely would have been about 73 years ago. Near as I can tell, he’s very late.

    I don’t usually rejoice at the end of a human’s life, but some people are just plain evil, and he’s on the short list.

  3. guthrie Says:

    Thats very nice. Have you ever thought of seeing if you can get this published anywhere?

  4. Arden Chatfield Says:

    “Divorce rocks. Ask my kids.”

    How do I somehow know that if we ran that quote past your kids, it would be greeted with good-natured teenaged eye rolling? 🙂

  5. Lou FCD Says:

    I actually hadn’t guthrie. Hmmm…

    Hehe, Arden. You could give it a go…

  6. Arden Chatfield Says:

    “Hehe, Arden. You could give it a go…”

    Nah, your daughter seems like such a nice person, I wouldn’t want to give *her* a hard time… 😉

  7. Lou FCD Says:

    She is pretty sweet (for the most part). ‘course I might be biased.

  8. anothersadsong Says:

    Actually, it did kinda rock. It got me out of that horrid place I grew up didn’t it?? I only roll my eyes at stupidity and that, my friend, is far from stupidity. It’s the sheer truth. I feel so proud when I say “My parents were divorced. But they got back together. Lemme tell you the story of their divorce…” (Here is where the story you’ve just heard gets told to other people.)

    I am a nice person, once you get past the sarcasm and smart aleck remarks. Even before you get through all that, I’m stil pretty nice.

    Right, Daddy?? 😀

  9. anothersadsong Says:

    Oh yeah, Arden, you can give me a hard time all you want. Just know I’ll make your blog a technical hell 😀

  10. Lou FCD Says:

    Arden doesn’t have a blog, sweetie.

  11. anothersadsong Says:

    Ah, well, damn.. I’ll think of something 😀

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