My Poor Neglected Blog

As you can tell, with all the writing Janie’s doing for UDoJ, as well as both the girls writing for Molly now, and all the things going on here at the homestead, there hasn’t been much attention paid to this little corner of the blogoverse.

Sorry about that.  I intend to correct that soon.

Quick updates:

Feeling much better now that the meds have found their way through my system.  My wife has decided not to trade me in for the cash just yet, so that’s good.

James is doing much better in school, and I’m getting much better reports from his teachers, now that they’ve put away the stick in favor of the carrot.  He’s even got his lead role back in the play, about which he’s incredibly excited.

KaylaFace is feeling better and is back at school and just about caught up with all the work she missed while sick.  Additionally, she starts the driving portion of her Drivers’ Ed course this afternoon.  I understand the highway patrol has cordoned off a 100 mile radius around Jacksonville and has issued a mandatory curfew for the entire state of North Carolina, just to be sure.  I’m a little concerned that they may be a bit on the conservative side.


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