WordPress Has Censored Janie And Kate

Joseph McCarthy, WordPress SpokesmanUDreamOfJanie and KissingCorporalKate have been censored by WordPress. Apparently not for sexual content, but because they wrote a sexual story involving a priest.

Janie has the story here and here.

The long and the short of it is that the girls noticed a precipitous drop in spam, the cause of which turned out to be that all of their posts have been removed from the category pages at WordPress.

When investigating, Janie noticed that the removal seems to have taken place between the time she posted The Itch, Part The Last and the time she posted Sugasm 64.

By that reasoning, Sugasm 64 could not have been the issue, and since there had been quite a few non-sexual posts since The Itch, Part The Fourth, it would certainly follow that the cause was The Itch, Part The Last. Since many blogs appearing in the Sex category are rife with sexuality, and since both she and Kate have written on sexual themes many times before without incident, the only logical conclusion is that the blacklisting occured because of her depiction of a priest as a submissive in a sexual situation.

In an EMail to Janie, Matt (from WordPress’ support staff) denied that she was singled out, and made the following statement:

I am sorry you feel this way but this is something that has been considered and used for some time.
There is no McCarthyism here – we believe strongly in the freedom to publish but we do have to consider the wider community and their feedback over time about what they generally find acceptable.

Janie has responded with the following EMail (in its entirety):

Hi Mark,

I really appreciate your quick attention to this. I see where you’re coming from about trouble at work, but if that’s an issue for someone’s place of employment, why are they trolling the sex tag in the first place?

It’s not like someone would accidentally type in http://udoj.wordpress.com or http://kissingcorporalkate.wordpress.com and just happen to stumble into our blogs. Someone finding my blog through a science tag will find a science post. It’s not like I’m posting erotica and labeling it as science. People find sexual material by looking for sexual material.

So again, I fail to see the issue here. I also fail to see why every blog with a sex tag isn’t being blacklisted. What prompted the decision to mark our blogs specifically?

Thanks again for taking the time to address this with me.


She makes several good points, and she has suddenly stopped receiving communications from Matt.

Please join me, the girls’ friend and author, in calling for an end to selective censorship at WordPress.

This is despicable behavior coming from a blog hosting site that believes “strongly in the freedom to publish”.

More like they believe strongly in the freedom to publish, as long as you don’t offend their delicate sensibilities.

6 Responses to “WordPress Has Censored Janie And Kate”

  1. WhoreChurch Says:


    Yeah, I had my first set of blogs “locked” for violation of the TOS. When I corresponded with the moderator it turns out that even though I hadn’t posted anything to the blogs they objected to two of my titles:

    SexualHealing.WordPress.com – Where I was going to write on sexual techniques, advice, etc.

    SixFigureBlog.WordPress.com – Where I was going to talk about how to monetize a blog.

    So they decided to shut down my whole account–which included things like MyBengals.WordPress.com.

    But, in their defense, I decided not to fight it. These are fairly young guys, doing an almost impossible amount of work. The fact they responded to ANY email is somewhat amazing.

    Moderators have to make quick judgments or the whole thing falls apart.

    Consider also the issues they face with government censorship and decency rules. There are pretty stiff penalties now for site owners who allow pornographic material to be posted to their sites.

    So, I guess what I’m saying is, while I agree censorship is a bad thing–and I love the “MyBengals” blog name–it’s their sandbox and I figure they’re doing a pretty good job.

    Plus you and I tend to be grouchy.

  2. JanieBelle Says:

    Then explain why this blog is ok, but mine is not.

    Sorry to invade your playground, but I’m pissed.

    Kisses to you both.

  3. WhoreChurch Says:

    Likely someone complained about yours or flagged it as mature. There’s no way they are randomly looking at blogs to determine their content value. Instead they ask others to flag blogs plus I’m sure they have a filter system to catch phrases like “childporn.wordpress.com.”

    By the way, I was steamed for a couple hours over losing my account as well. Janie, maybe you and Kate can find some way to relax?

  4. WhoreChurch Says:

    One more thing…the name above is available, but I’m not going to try and register it.

  5. drmike Says:

    Just for reference, the moderators here have no back end access. The moderators do not ToS blogs.

    For reference, carnalpleasures was probably ToSed because of all of the spam links to the carnalpleasures.co.uk.

    wp.com support forum moderator.

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