Round IV – VP Becomes A Bit Less Arrogant

It would seem Ms. Whatsherface is a little slower to start slinging crap, though she still misspelled apologize.

I also get the impression that she’s also at least considering the idea that I’m not going to just roll over, and that I’m not just some parent pissed that his son got suspended.

Does it sound like she’s at least beginning to understand I’m not going off for no reason?

Ms. Whatsherface wrote:

Mr. FCD, I have read all the attached e-mails.  It appears that you and Mr. Dickhead have had an ongoing conversation concerning your son’s behavior in his class.  The tone of the e-Mails, excluding the most current ones, is informative and concerned. 

Are you willing to discuss this situation in a conference setting?  If so call my office on Monday morning and schedule an appointment.  I apoligize for the delay but I am out of town. 


My Reply:

Ms. Whatserface,


I will be happy to do that.  Perhaps a weekend away from the conversation is best.  In the meantime, I would ask that you contact Mr. Dickhead and instruct him to refrain from his disparaging comments and asides to and about my son.  Surely he can leave him alone for one day, especially considering James will be in ISS.


My tone is the result of continuing frustration with the situation, and as you can see was not this way from the beginning.


As you can also see, I did not immediately place the weight of the blame on Mr. Dickhead, but rather presumed the fault lay with James.  It was only after Mr. Dickhead repeatedly short circuited the progress the other teachers and I were making with James that I began to even consider that the issue might be with Mr. Dickhead, rather than James.


I do not in any way condone James’ behavior, but I certainly understand it now.  Every time he began to get himself back on track (and the other teachers will tell you that he was making progress at times), Mr. Dickhead would find some infantile, ridiculous reason to discipline or threaten to discipline him.  The only thing this has managed to accomplish is to frustrate James and put us right back at square one, with poor attitude, lack of effort, and skipping of his homework.  Quite frankly, I cannot blame him, and I will not discipline him for being suspended for such an outrageous reason.


For my part, I am also frustrated, angry, and rather in short supply of motivation to put up with any more of this.  My concern is for James’ education, and I couldn’t care less about Mr. Dickhead’s ego.  Perhaps if it weren’t so large, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.




She seems to have taken a step back, anyway. 

It’s a shame I can’t take the girls to the meeting, though.  That’d be a lot of fun.


2 Responses to “Round IV – VP Becomes A Bit Less Arrogant”

  1. bourgeois_rage Says:

    Lou you left Mr. Dickhead’s real name in the VP’s comments above.

    The people are probably used to just hand waving and ignoring parental complaints, they are not used to going up against someone who will fight back.

    Take the girls. Janie can seduce Mrs. Whatserface and go wrestling in the mud and Kate can show Mr. Dickhead the meaning of Authoritarian.

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Whoops. Thanks, BR.

    Kate so wants a piece of that guy’s ass.

    And not in a way he will enjoy.

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