Janie Asks Mark To Respond

Joseph McCarthy, WordPress SpokesmanJanie has EMailed Mark and asked for a public discussion of why she and Kate are being censored by WordPress. This would get interesting, but I doubt he’ll show up.

WordPress is unlikely to actually even have a specific criteria for who gets censored and who doesn’t. It’s probably just dependant on whether Mark got laid last night or not.

Arbitrary censorship should frighten us all. It’s not a big step from UDoJ to WhoreChurch (I’d be equally pissed if they went after Kevin) or any one of thousands of other blogs.

What have you said lately that might get you shut down?

2 Responses to “Janie Asks Mark To Respond”

  1. dresstosurvive Says:

    I saw this and was completely outraged. Over at Dress To Survive, I write potentially offensive material day in and day out. I’d be pissed if Automattic decided to censor my blog.

    Voila, Censor This, located at childporn.wordpress.com.

    Hopefully, the blogosphere will pick up the story quickly.

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    That’s awesome.

    The girls really need someone to stand up for them, since they can’t do it themselves now.

    We should all be worried about such an arbitrary policy.

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