(Emailing Under the Influence)

So there’s this teacher at my son’s school who has really been riding my son’s ass.

I’ve blogged before about how my son has really taken a turn for the worse in terms of attitude, temper, and school work, and up until recently I’ve been rather unsuccessful in putting my finger on just what the problem is.

Turns out it’s this teacher.  All my boy’s issues seem to be stemming from here and just spreading.  Now, my son is no angel.  He’s full of energy.  Full of piss and vinegar, but he’s always been good natured.  Never had a problem at school, rarely with other kids.

He’s one of the nicest kids I know… until recently.

Anyway, this teacher is very inexperienced, and very authoritarian.  That just isn’t a good combination for a middle school teacher, and now he’s pretty much turned the issues with my son into a battle of wills.  I’ll tell you now, he won’t win.  A 12 year old boy does not respond well to having a boot on his neck.  I know.  I was 12 once,  a long long time ago.

Yesterday things just went over the top.

Email from the teacher:

Dear Mr. FCD:


I’m sure you are going to get a phone call about this from Mrs. Whatsherface, but I wanted you to hear it first hand.  Here are some disruptive comments made by James today:


-“Hopes the school burns down”

-Said: “Are you going to make me do another Venn Diagram” (I’ve done one all year)

-Finished his 10 min. journal writing in 2 min. and said “I’m done, now what?”

-After his verbal warning he said, “Cool-does that mean I’m going to get an ASD”

-I believe he threw a pencil across the room although I don’t have 100% proof

-Said “I don’t care”

-Shouted out “I don’t have my texbook”. 

-Bragged about getting a 55 in class and that he doesn’t care about points

-He also said “this is gay” to Mrs Smellycunt, amongst other disruptive behaviors there.


I will be discussing his situation with our team to find another solution because this is obviously not working.  Until then, he will have ISS I suspect for the next few todays.  He also seems to hold a grudge against myself and Smellycunt because we email you when these incidents occur.



Teacher the Dickhead

Ok, this is just silly. Now you’re going to punish him for having a bad attitude about school which you caused.

My response (under the influence of the meds I tend to be less inhibited):

 To this point, I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt.  I suspected that your obvious lack of experience with kids was something that you would get over, and that you were intelligent enough to adapt quickly.

But this is ridiculous at this point.  I’ve spoken to several of the kids in James’ class, and it’s quite apparent that you seem to be looking for reasons to cause problems with James.  It’s no damned wonder he hates school and especially your class now.

Perhaps instead of a Jackboot, a bit of effort would be more helpful.  You seem to have forgotten that you are a teacher, not a Drill Instructor.  Maybe you would be more successful instructing Marines.

You seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that middle school kids are not automatons, they are not servants, they are not Marines.  They don’t sit down and shut up and take dictation just because you are the teacher and you say they must, and no amount of force on your part will change that.  In fact, your treatment of James is a good anecdotal example of the fact that force and intimidation will only exacerbate the existing issues.

We have NEVER had this sort of problem between James and a teacher, and I have never seen his attitude so poor, his anger so frequent or intense.  He only began acting like this when he started having problems with you.  It has spread to his other classes, it has spread to his home life.  You sir, are hurting my son and I will not stand for it.

Be aware that I will be speaking to the vice-principal again, who has already explicitly mentioned that your inexperience is at least a good portion of the problem.  I expect my son to begin receiving an education from you instead of being your whipping boy.

Yes, I’m pissed.


Yeah, well. Fuck him.

13 Responses to “EUI”

  1. Lou FCD Says:

    Oh, and for the record, not only did he not throw the pencil, but several students tried repeatedly to tell the teacher that, but he would have none of it.

    Just so you frackin’ know.

  2. WhoreChurch Says:

    My 17 year old starting having problems in school about the same time. He wasn’t quite as apathetic toward school (then, he is now), but he had a couple teachers giving him a hard time.

    He has an IQ in the 180’s–yeah, I freakin’ know, 180’s?–and from a very young age he was able to mentally out-spar his teachers.

    The solution for us came when we took him out of school for Yom Kippur and they gave him an unexcused absence. I made a big deal out of it, said the poor treatment he was getting at school was based on anti-Semitism, etc.

    The administration got terrified and for the last 5 years he’s been treated like a prince. A terrifying, “don’t mess me with ’cause I got the ACLU on speed dial” kind prince.

    There’s only one thing Baptists fear more than God is the ACLU.

  3. WhoreChurch Says:

    I meant:

    “The only thing Baptists fear more than God is the ACLU.”

    And I’m sober. For now.

  4. bourgeois_rage Says:

    My brother had a teacher who had it out for him in 3rd grade. My parents thought he was a bad kind, until later in the year when it became obvious that no matter how hard he tried to be the good kid, this teacher would take it out on him.

    Turns out my brother was smarter than anybody in the classroom and acted out because he was bored. The stuff he did, however was minor and the teacher wouldn’t let it drop.

  5. WhoreChurch Says:

    The boys have gone to “little town k-12” throughout their schooling. 400 students.

    I was astounded at the things the teachers didn’t do properly.

    They would send xeroxed notes home that had been written by the teacher with numerous spelling and grammatical errors. Verb tense? We don’t need no stinkin’ verb tense!

    But the kicker came two years ago when they were handing out plaques to 25 of the top students. My youngest got one.

    No one in the administration had noticed what the plaques actually said–I wish I were making this up:

    “Solute To Scholars 2005”

    My son was the only one who managed to sneak his out–they confiscated and replaced all the rest. I’ve thought about sending it in to Leno.

  6. Lou FCD Says:

    My boy’s the same way, BR. It’s not that the material is difficult, he gets As on all his tests and quizzes.

    He’s just no longer motivated to do any homework, and he’s catching crap from this teacher.

    And now he got 2 days ISS for the pencil incident yesterday.

    I’m positively livid.

    Between that and stuff like “Solute to Scholars 2005”, I have to wonder who the hell is educating these educators.

    Or rather, who the hell is failing to educate these educators?

  7. Lou FCD Says:

    New email from Dickhead the Teacher:

    Dear Mr. FCD-

    I read your letter today and am obviously distraut about this situation and hope that we can resolve it in a professional manner, which is probably why it is necessary to have an administrator at our meeting as you have suggested in order to offer a third perspective on the situation. I know the Principal and Vice-Principal will return on Monday, the day James returns from ISS, so hopefully it can be scheduled that day or soon thereafter. I have also asked the guidance couselor to sit in on Monday and observe James to see if anything can be gained from that.

    As for your “drill sergeant” remarks, I have had to raise my voice/yell at times but I think you might have the wrong impression here. For example, I gave repeated warnings to James yesterday about his remarks, yet he continued them. I did not raise my voice at those times. Did that work? Apparently not, as James continued to shout out and and be disruptive throughout the class.

    I would be glad to show you creative lesson after lesson I have conducted the first two quarters that proves that James behavior is not just out of “boredom.” That said, I do not feel the occasional read, write, and discuss lesson plan is not too much to ask of my students.

    The bottom line, in my mind, is that James is making poor choices and is making decisions based on impressing his friends and that is the bulk of what is going on here. As for me being the only teacher he has conflicts with, I am sure you are aware that similar problems have occurred with Mrs. McAllister so I find that statement incorrect.

    While you expect James to receive an education, he has to meet me halfway and be prepared, be respectful, and show a stronger work ethic for that to happen.

    All and all, I am writing this letter because I have worked very hard this year and will not accept the assertion that I am the problem (though I don’t make any claims to perfection.). On balance, I have treated James fairly and respectfully and look forward to working out a compromise that will be best for James. I have never said anything personal or rude to hurt his feelings or disrespect him. I certainly have not treated him like a “whipping boy”-I’m not sure where this comes from.

    Thank you for taking the time to write your letter and to read my reply, and I am sorry that you are feeling upset and angry about this situation.

    Take care,

    Dickhead The Teacher

  8. Lou FCD Says:

    Allow me to reiterate:

    Just who the hell is failing to educate these educators?

  9. WhoreChurch Says:

    At least in Tennessee being a teacher is treated like being a doctor or other professional. But it’s not a hard gig to get. So if one is a good student and wants more respect than (s)he deserves, becoming a teacher is an easy route.

    I have a million stories of their incompetence with my own boys, but I won’t bore you with the details. I’m going to be busy tonight trying to find pictures of my redhead’s butt for Janie.

  10. Lou FCD Says:

    I make it a point to always take at least one picture of Janie’s (my wife, not my alter-ego) butt, wherever we go.

    It’s sort of a tradition now.


  11. Tatted Says:

    Ok, so I stumbled upon your blog via a “rant” tag. I have to say, I wish more parents would stand up for their children to their teachers.

    Funny, I work for the teachers union of our local school district, yet I home school all but one of my children, because of this very reason!

    So, I say, go to the meeting, fight for your child. I would not allow them to put him in ISS because the teacher is being petty. The teacher should know who the boss is, and that children are not robots, they are to be seen and heard. If necessary, even though it may and probably will embarass your son, ask to sit in the class during that period and an additional period that your son is not in. That way you can get a good idea of what is really going on. You may be able to do a surprise visit (which I feel would be better, show up right after that period starts) or you may have to schedule a visit.

    Good Job on giving the teacher hell and refusing to allow them to treat your child like crap! If all else fails, get him out of that class! If the teacher doesn’t allow it, go to the VP, if they deny it, go to the principal, if the principal denies it, go to the school board!

    Sorry to “talk” your ear off 🙂

    Tatted BF

  12. Lou FCD Says:

    Thanks, Tatted!

    I’m glad you stumbled by. I have to tell you that I feel better that someone not involved can at least look at a portion of this.

    It is sometimes difficult to be objective when you’re in the midst of these things.

    Doubly so for me, as I’m on pain medication.

    I have in fact considered sitting in on a class or three to see what I can see, but honestly I think everyone involved would be something other than their usual self.

    It’s why I opted to go the route of asking other students what’s going on.

    Thank you for your well thought out response.

    Lou FCD

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    […] into it with a teacher at his son’s school, then with the Vice Principal, he’s hunting for […]

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