Ding Ding Ding – Round III is with the VP

Now the Vice Principal is involved, and automatically jumping to Mr. Dickhead’s defense, albeit poorly.

In what world is it acceptable for a middle school teacher and an administrator to be unable to write a coherent or grammatically correct sentence?

I’m fucking doped out of my mind, and I can do better.  (EDIT: On my pain meds – just to be clear.)

Illiterate, incompetent, insufferable boobs.

Mr. FCD,

I am the Assistant Principal that spoke to you at your car the other day. I believe I expressed concern over James’ behavior and the concern that I and his teachers were having for the extreme change in his behaviors. I think you mentioned that you were also frustrated with these behaviors. I did not say that Mr. Dickhead’s inexperience is at least a good portion of the problem. I believe I mentioned that he was very frustrated and was looking for help.

James cannot tell me what is bothering him. His use of terms like “gay” and other disrespectful statement toward assignments and teacher directions are unacceptable. We do take our job of educating our students and providing a safe environment extremely serious . James is expected to contribute to this process.

I would like to know exactly what you are implying when you reference “force and intimidation” being used in Mr. Dickhead’s classroom. If this is occurring it will be addressed, but I have had no reports of this so far this year or from the previous school where Mr. Dickhead taught. Your statements such as, ” It’s no damned wonder he hates school and especially your class now.” and ” They don’t sit down and shut up and take dictation just because you are the teacher and you say they must” are very concerning to me as and educator and administrator. I do not expect my teachers or students to use profanity to get their point across as you have done in your response to Mr. Dickhead I also do expect students to be quiet and sit and take notes when the teacher instructs them to do it.

I do not assume to have any idea what has escalated James’ attitude and overall behaviors in school and at home, but placing the blame on one teacher is a little extreme. I believe it takes all of the adults in his life to come together and problem solve. Everyone’s input into this situation should be valued. so I do suggest that we meet as soon as possible. Please contact me to make this conference appointment. I look forward to meeting with you and James’ teachers to work out a plan for James’ success

Vice Principal Whatsherface

My Response

Ms. Whatsherface,

No ma’am. Mr. Dickhead is not looking for help, and that is the heart of the problem. He is looking for abject obedience. I have already had one meeting with his four core class teachers, and it was obviously unproductive. During that same meeting, Mr. Dickhead was entirely useless, said nothing much of anything helpful, and only spoke long enough to list his criticisms of James. Other than that, he said not one word.

As I expressed to him before, punishing James for every little thing he says is exacerbating the situation. Assigning ISS for something he did not do, (to which Mr. Dickhead has admitted and I have spoken to several students, all of which claim that they attempted to tell him James was not responsible for throwing that pencil) is utterly ridiculous.

You most certainly did highlight the lack of experience of both Mr. Dickhead and Mrs. Smellycunt during our conversation at my car. I am livid that you would claim otherwise.

I am neither your teacher nor your student. Please do not clutter the issue by criticizing my vocabulary when neither a teacher nor a school administrator can write a grammatically correct E-Mail. It is a non sequitur. Please keep to the relevant issues.

You mentioned, “I also do expect students to be quiet and sit and take notes when the teacher instructs them to do it.”

Yes. So does Mr. Dickhead. This is exactly the problem.

Force and intimidation? How about standing in the hallway with other teachers and telling them in front of all the students, including James, “I have to have a talk with you about a student. That student right there.”?

How about writing office slips for comments James makes expressing his frustrations?

How about suspending him for something he didn’t do, even after several students told the teacher that James was not responsible?

How about consistent and continuous threats of suspension for throwing away a piece of paper, or for being spoken to by another student?

These are not things I have heard only from James. I looked into this. I investigated, because I didn’t just get defensive and take my son’s word for how things happened.

I asked Mr. Dickhead himself, who corroborated the story.

Here is the E-Mail conversation –

Mr. Dickhead wrote:

Dear Mr. FCD:

James continued to shout out loudly, and try to make jokes with his friends, etc during class today, which has now become a more regular routine for him After a couple verbal warnings, I sent him to Mrs. Nicelady’s class. I gave him an ASD form today, which you will need to sign tonight, and he will serve this Thursday.

What do you think of In-School Suspension? I think if his behavior continues like that I would send him down to the office with that recommendation. I also know Mrs. Smellycunt has had some more problems with him, which means this is not just a personality conflict, etc.

Let me know what you think, and what measures could work to change his behavior.

Thanks, Bob Dickhead

Dear Mr. Dickhead,James seems to feel that he is being singled out both in your class and Mrs. Smellycunt’s. He doesn’t seem to have this complaint with his other teachers. Are the other kids involved being similarly disciplined? If not, why not?Would a better solution perhaps be to split up the kids causing the disruptions? Have you done this already?

What does ISS entail? Will he be receiving instruction, or just be sitting alone in a classroom?

Thanks for keeping me informed,

Bob Dickhead wrote:

Dear Mr. FCD:

With all due respect, I do not feel that I have singled him out or treated him unfairly. I have given ASD’s to a handful of other students, so certainly James is not the only one. In fact, his one friend named Nick, that James seems to want to impress with his shouting out, recently received an ISS and is on a behavior plan. In short, I have treated James equally to the best of my ability.

As for ISS, this room is a quiet workroom for students that have caused serious discipline problems to their teachers. Usually they are assigned there for 1-3 days.

Hopes, this helps. Bob Dickhead

Dear Mr. Dickhead,Could you please take a moment to explain what happened today? According to James, you first snapped at him while he throwing away some paper, and then dismissed him from class when Derek made a smart remark to him and he replied. Surely there’s more to this?

I’d also like to know if there was something more for homework on Thursday and Friday while James was sick, other than the assigned reading of which you’ve already informed him.


Dear Mr. FCD:

Sure. He was joking with a friend named Rhema about Rhema’s mom, he was throwing a way shredded paper of who knows what by leaning back on his chair with his feet in the air (and another student made a comment about how he was leaning back with his feet in the air), and as he was leaning back he was talking to a girl about something related to tacos. For the record, his behavior today was not related to Nick, the choices were his own.

He was given a warning beforehand, and I sent him to Mrs. Nicelady’s. Next time, he will go to the office. Mrs. Smellycunt gave me a write up on him today for disruptive behavior, and I could’ve sent him to the office but I thought I would give it another day now that you are aware of what’s going on. I have not talked to the principal yet about a behavior plan but I’m pretty sure they won’t initiate a plan like this until James has served some time in ISS, etc.

As for his make up work, on TH. of last week we read Ch. 7, Sec. 1 together in class, and on Friday, we had a geography bee to declare a class winner for tomorrow’s bee. This week we have done some Cornell note question/answers on Ch.7 Sec. 2, which I lent the questions to a student who was out two days (they were on the whiteboard), and I will get them back tomorrow, which he can borrow during our ASD.

Thanks for your concern, and hope this is helpful.

Sincerely, Bob Dickhead

Dear Mr. Dickhead,
I appreciate your letting me know about the work he missed. I wanted to make sure that there were no written assignments that he missed, and your response is helpful.Thank you for taking the time to explain further what was going on in class. If I understand you correctly, he was given ASD for talking in class, sitting incorrectly in his seat, and throwing away a piece of paper “of who knows what”.I’m sorry, but I’m still unclear as to what merited being dismissed from class. Was it something specific he said?


Sending him out of class was for the accumulation of these offenses, the last being the way he was making a scene by throwing out the garbage. I have the cornell note questions copied now for him to make up and will give them to him in class today. he also has a quiz on ch. 7 sec. 1 & 2 tomorrow. thanks! Bob Dickhead

p.s. you might also want to ask him if he turned in a scrapbook, haven’t checked his class yet but will get to them in the next day or so…


Can you honestly tell me what justified that ASD? I still don’t know.

So before accusing me of being extreme by blaming the teacher, perhaps you might have spent 30 minutes looking into the situation instead of just jumping to Mr. Dickhead’s defense. He is an incompetent buffoon, he knows less about middle school aged children than he does about quantum physics, and he is a jack-booted authoritarian on a power trip.

I am positively furious with the way this is being handled.

Do you find my vocabulary acceptable now?


4 Responses to “Ding Ding Ding – Round III is with the VP”

  1. Tatted Says:

    UUUGH! Teachers & Admins! Keep fighting!

    Tatted BF

  2. WhoreChurch Says:

    OK, I wrote a long post, detailing all of the empathetic statements I was feeling. Praising your use of AKA’s for the teachers, then accidentally hit the back button and lost it all.

    Bottom line: It’s all shit. Your son likely has more on the ball than any of his teachers. I’ve been there.

    If Kendra wasn’t Jewish, I hate to think what kind of abuse our youngest would be suffering.

  3. WhoreChurch Says:

    By the way…

    I’ll be happy to call representing myself as a reporter asking about the lawsuit you are filing against the administration…just a thought.

  4. Lou FCD Says:

    Thanks, both of you.

    Kevin, I really hate it when I do that.

    I’ll decline your offer for the moment, but I’ll keep that in the back of my head, just in case this escalates.


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