Heaven and Hell

Lou FCDWild.


Emblazoned with electric flashes,

The blue flames streaking across the sky.

Thunderous silence of pouring rain.

By the strobe-like lightning

she danced across the field.

With her hedonistic pleasure

she compelled me to follow.

A silent zombie,

I traced her steps,

to the edge of the abysmally black forest.

Without thought or hesitation

I shuffled into the yawning deep.



Rising again,

to follow the dancing spectre.


and there again,

the glimpse of her form,

Enticing me,

in this midnight game of follow the leader.

For hours she led,

For hours I followed,

Til at last,

beyond all time,

we came to her abode.

In a perfect circle,

In a break amongst the trees,

Where the rain crashed,

and the lightning flashed,

Where the moon was black,

We stopped.

Centered in the circle of trees,

Within her now concentric dance,

An altar beckoned me forth.

As I approached the marble slab,

Her movements transformed,

From the insane,

to the insanely erotic.

I, the sacrificial lamb,

and she the acolyte.

I lay upon the stone,




It was here,

the spawn of Hell was conceived,

And here,

the concept of Heaven was born.



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