The Cliff

Lou FCDJagged



and perilous.

I stand on the edge,

Staring down into the abyss.

Mesmerized by vertigo,

Enraptured by fear,

Enslaved by terror.

This is the pit,

The dark swirling mist of insanity,

where I search for my soul.

Deep within the pit of Hell,

Where phantasms taunt

and lure.

The siren’s song is sweet,

the cinders’ smell stings.

It is here that I flirt with Death,

Her hypnotic promise of orgasmic pleasure

Softly whispered,

Yet powerfully received.

She calls to me,

Enticing me to surrender myself,

release my grip on consciousness,

relinquish my hold on stability.

With her sensuous hips,

her luring lips,

her blazing emerald eyes,

she tempts me.

I am transparent,

my weakness naked.

Her dance is erotic,


sexual to the core.

I have found myself,

but I do not fall,

I jump.



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