The Problem With Meds

Is that you have to y’know… take them.

I am soooo the world’s biggest procrastinator, and the meds have eroded my memory until it’s a pile of green-grey mush.

Years of pain killers and muscle relaxers will do that to a guy.

I think I need one of those little pill box things that separates your pills into days of the week.

5 Responses to “The Problem With Meds”

  1. Lou FCD Says:

    Case in point:

    The point of this post was that I think I’m missing my meds some days, but I’m not sure.


  2. Amanda Says:

    The problem with those pill boxes is that you still have to remember to refill the darn thing each week.

  3. Lou FCD Says:

    Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

  4. WhoreChurch Says:

    Hey Lou,

    Haven’t been ignoring you, just trying to get some things finished by Sunday. Thanks to you and the girls for stopping by (and claiming not to have pointed and laughed.)

    For the record (because sometimes blogging leaves out the emotional smirk necessary to catch sarcasm) it wasn’t a hit to my ego. I was TRYING to be funny.

    Sorry your having trouble. I found the best way for me was to get one of those AM/PM bottles and fill it for the next day at supper the day before. Then when I would wonder if I had taken my meds I could look at the pill thingie.

    You’ve probably had that thought already, but I posted it just in case.

    Also, if the way you’ve been writing lately is how you write while IMPAIRED, I can’t imagine the level of your writing with fully functional grey matter.

  5. Lou FCD Says:


    ‘sall good, Kevin. I’d write more, but I’m not feeling well on top of the neck thing. Started yesterday morning. I’ve been trying to fight it off long enough to pick up my son at 6 today from the school dance.

    Then I’m gonna crawl in a hole for a while.

    Tomorrow’s Janie’s 6 month blogoversary, so I have to write something (I have no ideas at the moment) and time delay it to post at midnight.

    Meanwhile, Kate’s having the best stat day of her blogging career today.

    And I really want to dive into that pdf you sent, and I’m on about chapter 13 of Maryann, and Robyn’s finished it after 21 chapters, so I’d like to get to that…

    blah blah blah.

    Crappy, crappy time to be not feeling well.

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