Moving On

I’ve managed to get chapters two and three done for the girls. I’m moving a little better now, I think because of the comments and encouragement of both Robyn and Kevin. The deadline idea was great, Robyn. Thanks.

But now I’m feeling a lot like I was when I wrote this, almost twelve years ago.

I think I’ll put up some more of my own stuff from back then today, and let the girls have a little time to themselves… unless of course something comes up, or the Muse comes and raps me on the noggin’.  She does that sometimes, she’s a bitch like that.

Anyway, all that old stuff will be found under this tag, along with any newer stuff I might scribble down.

Just so y’know.

2 Responses to “Moving On”

  1. Kevin Scott Says:

    I’m going to quit reading what you write–it’s like a pissing contest I am constantly losing!


    Just kidding (no I’m not)

    Lou your poems are incredible. I bow before your mighty intellect.

    I’m working on one tonight. Or at least re-writing. Anything to avoid doing real work.

    There are many things I “otta” be writing. Maybe I will find my own muse.

    Or maybe I’ll run into a pro-wrestler at Wal-mart.

  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Ok, what are you sucking up for? Whaddya want?

    Not that I want you to stop, of course.

    “Tell me about my eyes….”


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