Echo of an Echo

Robyn’s Evolving NovelLet me just echo the girls for a moment. Now, they get all the hot sex, all the blog traffic, all the fun fundy trolls… well basically they each have more blogging mojo in their fictional little fingers than I have in my whole body.

But for all both of you out there who read my blog (one of whom is the subject of this post, so I guess this is just for one of you), I just want to take a sec to plug Robyn’s book. It really is good, and the girls and I have had some rather lively discussions about it.

Ok, actually, they’ve had some lively discussions about it, and they pretty much tell me to shut up, sit down, and read it. Then they call me The Meat-Sack, which I think they overheard while I was watching Men In Black once.

They think that’s funny.

At least they only call me that in private. I get to be The Boy in public.

Of course I do what I’m told. I ain’t arguing with Kate, she’ll kick my crippled ass.

Come to think of it, my other semi-regular reader reads the girls’ blogs more frequently than mine anyway, so I guess this is just for those of you who may have accidently tripped and fell down here.

Hey, don’t laugh! Like two people a day wind up here accidentally. I’m famous, I tell ya!

Anyway, here’s what Kate had to say about it, and here’s what Janie had to say about it.

I’ll just ditto them, and recommend it highly. It ain’t your normal “guy fare”, but go read it anyway. And hey, there’s at least one explosion!

I’m really grooving to the whole serial novel approach, with the tension just keeping you checking back like ten times a day hoping for the next chapter.

Maryann, a really good online serial novel by Robyn, of Just Sayin’.

3 Responses to “Echo of an Echo”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Thanks. I have to admit that I giggled a little when I saw this post.

  2. Lou FCD Says:


    It’s rather strange living with the girls, and can be pretty amusing.

    But I’ll never tell them that!

  3. JanieBelle Says:


    Meat Sack is a term of affection, Dearest. It’s like Honeybumpkins.

    Of course we wouldn’t use that in public, it’s our private little pet name for you.

    Kisses to you.

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