Thinking Of A Friend

Some of you may be familiar with our friend Amanda, from Imago Dei. Amanda is a real sweetheart, and we really enjoy talking with her about her thoughts on religion and morality.

She’s the sort of Christian that really emphasizes the best ideas of Jesus. Kindness, love, caring. She’s often attacked by the Fundy sort of troll, that has nothing better to do than spread hate and bile.

We feel that if more religious folks were like Amanda, there’d be a lot less animosity between believers and unbelievers, and the world would be a better place. She’s so damned nice, you just can’t help but want to hug her.

Just before going home for Christmas, Amanda had a conversation with one of her closest friends back home. Immediately following that conversation, her friend Chris was killed in a car wreck.

We would encourage all of you to stop by her blog and offer your condolences.

Our thoughts are with you Amanda, in your time of mourning.

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