Here’s Something Interesting

Lou FCDBefore I can even get this blog set up…

Did you know I was mentioned in Nature? Well, sort of.

I was looking at the numbers for UDoJ a few minutes ago, and noticed a bit of a spike on November 3rd. So, just curious as to which posts in particular caused that spike, I discovered that we had been bookmarked by Declan Butler, Senior Reporter for Nature. How did this happen, you ask? I’ll take you through it.

First, I looked at the posts for the day of the spike, and saw that the one that seemed to have drawn the attention was Operation Yellow Elephant.

One of the commenters to that post was Tribune7, a fella with which Janie had had a bit of a row a while back. As can be seen from the comments, I had looked him up, and discovered that he was a mod or admin or something over at the FreeRepublic. (It’s a fundy right wing nut job site.) So Trib was a Freeper.

Well today, while reviewing the thread, I wondered what may have been said over there, if anything. So I did a Google search for “udreamofjanie” “freerepublic”.

Hmm… A site named Connotea has a user named Declan, in whose bookmarks we appear for the Tripoli Six. (Here’s the post that was bookmarked, The Tripoli Six Need Your Voice.  Update: Here’s where it resides on the new UDoJ.)

Clicking that link, I found Declan Butler’s bookmarks for the Tripoli Six story. UDoJ is way down the page, amongst a ton of bookmarks. But it’s there.

Well, of course I wondered “Who the hell is Declan Butler?”, so I clicked his user name.

That took me to Declan Butler’s Connotea Profile which indicated that Mr. Butler is in fact a Senior Reporter for Nature. Yes, THAT Nature. Wow.

A link there took me to Declan Butler’s website, and a link there took me to Declan Butler’s blog where I found his blog entry on the Tripoli Six.

It mentions that he wrote an article in Nature about bloggers on the subject.

And finally, Declan Butler, of Nature writes a piece on the Tripoli Six on Sept. 25.

And that is how the simple son of a carpenter very indirectly, and in a very round-a-bout way, wound up influencing an article in one of the premier scientific journals in the world, just a little bit.

So his article, when you see the “s” at the end of the word “bloggers”, you know he’s referring to me.

That’s too freakin’ cool.

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  1. Lou FCD Says:

    Nothing really to say to my own post, I really just need to test the recent comments script in the sidebar…

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